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Friday, November 14, 2008

Just Waiting For A Change To Come

Once again it Friday we have the opportunity to be part of or to enjoy some wonderful picture of sky.
The people of Sky Watch takes time to be our host

Just recently I notice the moon was sitting in a great place in sky so I ran down stair to grab the camera and I had to do something real quick couldn’t recall at this time what it was.
Once I got it done the moon was gone behind clouds.
I still like formation of the clouds up in sky and against the mountain so I took a picture.
But in all I hope the moon would reappear but it never did in sight

Yesterday I was planning to be part of soul coaching the topic real interested me “rules” but the plan was to do after work.
I came home in pain and I was beat.

Today assignment is to share our “gratitudes”

I know I get impatiens at times that I don’t feel or think why things are moving like they should be.
First of all I’m very thankful my feet are feeling much better. I had what I thought was a corn or some type of callus on buttom of ball of my foot.
I was going to pick up one of those corn pads things. Some how I just want to get out of wal mart and go home.
I took Donna down to Sandpoint.
Well when I got home I was sore and want to sock in tub of hot water. I was looking at what I thought was my corn. But it look like a blister which I thought was strange.
So I got out and went into our bedroom.
Called in Murphy and want him to look at.
Well he felt it and it just popped off. Thought it was a piece of crystal or glass. My foot never bled.
Well it left a big dent in my skin but the pain been relieved.
“Thank you”

Oh I have a lot to be thankfull for. I have hubby who loves me and want to take care of his family.
My son Sawyer still keeps in contact with us and is a responsible adult.
My son Bart may still at home because he is in high school but he is developed into a kind person.
My client Donna treats me well.
I’m super glad god/dess loves their children.
I’m now learning to accepted it ok to think outside of the box.
Blogging is a way that I can freely express my self.
I’m thankful I live in a place that offers the four season and nature is changing all time here.
And also that free will is a great part of who we all our

This morning I was over at Hollowing hills and she posted a great topic called Christmas Without religion I don’t why but this start me to think and I want to post about it

We have never gone in debt for Christmas. I’m not a big fan of the legalism of Christianity or any other religions.
Not saying anyone is aloud there “free will”
Now back to the topic of the capitalism of Christmas.
My sister in law Faith believes the ones who uses their faith not to by present are just cheap people.
But I recall my in law at one time was buying for everyone in the family and real no one could afford it.
We couldn’t figure out a plan to change it and then the adults decided to bring one gift and have an exchange.
Which worked wonders in so many ways.
I still buy for the younger kids whom going to show up on Christmas Eve. There pleased with a coloring book.

I don’t know why we don’t celebrate other holidays other then Christian ones. I think or believe there a big population who believes the United States is a Christian county. Personal Opinion…I have never seen the word “Christian” in our constitution or our bill of rights
But I’m not sure how the other celebration that Hollowing Hill mentions could be capitalized on or not.
Or someone just haven’t yet took the opportunity to do it or not

As for my self I like or I feel more in tune to the celebration of the wheel. Our next one would be the Yule holidays
I don’t do much with this mainly there a few reasons.
The place I live is not very progressive in hardly in areas and change doesn’t happen quickly here Confession time…I don’t know hardly anyone who looks their spiritual path as I do or I’m some what afraid to come out of the closet
But I’m getting better but haven’t got on loud speaker and said anything for whole world to hear.
As why I don’t make bold steps on my path of personal faith.
1. I don’t have any desire to be thumped or thumped anyone about his or her faith.
2. I believe we all have are free will or thought to pick a path in our life we need or want to follow.
3. I don’t any type of warm to come to anyone. Because of the path I’ve chosen.

Recently I been going to a group called “Comon Thread” which is more open to other thoughts of faith.
Not just to Christianity.
I’m meeting people in my area who isn’t afraid or willing to think out side of the box

I have to say I ooo and awe over the decoration of the yule season

Edit Confession...I'm some what afraid not to be part of christian take or capitalism of Christmas


  1. Fantastic pic. Thanks for sharing!

    Regina In Pictures

  2. I've also learned to keep my camera handy and take the picture when I first see it. I've lost so many good shots because of waiting or worse, not having my camera. I invite you to come see my Mackerel Sky in British Columbia. -- Margy

  3. I like your gratitude list. The story about your foot is hilarious - is it a corn? a blister? Then it turns out to be a piece of crystal - how magic is that? And presto, no more pain!

  4. The sky is wonderful. If I didn't know you were hoping for the moon to be there, I would not miss it at all!

  5. Nice pic of the sky. I couldn't see the full moon here either. Too many clouds. Hopefully next month!

  6. I do make necklaces, and bracelettes and pins. I think you would also like the silver goddess jewelry that I make. I will try and post a picture of the earrings tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

  7. Hi Peppy
    Lots to be thankful for.
    Hey I'm with you...I want to say to those people:
    Please don't knock on my door and tell me what I should believe!!!
    I'm not going to their house to tell them what I believe!

  8. Anonymous7:38 PM

    I love sky pictures, but I can never get a good shot of the moon.

  9. Lovely photo, catching the moon in motion is tricky but the photo is nice just the same.

  10. It's always good to remember things to be thankful for....I really like you sky watch photo

  11. You were like the lion with a sore in her paw. I am glad that it's out and you can heal now. I can really relate to gratitude for pain relief, I really can.

  12. Thank you for sharing all that you did and what a wonderful gratitude list. What a story about your foot, definite not something you would expect. Blessings, Nicole x



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