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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photo Hunt (Lazy)

Every Saturday there this meme called Photo Hunt and each and every Saturday we are given a theme and this week one is Lazy next week theme is “family”

When I go for my walk sometime the different spirit talk to me and I only listen to good ones.
Well they gave me the ideal for this one but it may not be as I would see it.

This week theme is lazy. Well my mom pretty well thought people who sat around reading books was being lazy not being productive.
Fact time…I never saw my mom sat down to read a book When she was a child her mom would sit and read “western romance books” and she claim place could be falling down and she would be reading her dam book.
My father and I both like to read but we knew better then to sit all day reading a book Or my mom would be up set.
Even my Aunt Eve made comments about reading and being non productive. I guess my Uncle Melvin and Aunt Bea reads quite a bit. To the best of my understanding they read more then one book a week.
You see my Uncle Melvin has some plugged arteries and my Aunt Bea claims to sitting too much and not moving.
Opinion time…I have to agree with my Aunt Bea on the plugged arteries. I try to keep my reading in check

I had Murphy take this picture of me reading or being lazy you can decided

I would like to help some one but I don’t know how to go about it. Let me give you a brief run down on this.
My client/friend Donna who is real over weight even mobility obese.
She knows quite a bit about health and understands the risk and heath harm of her obesity.
But one thing I notice she a hoarder in lot of things in her life.
Saving and filling information that I real don’t think she will every get to it or use.
I think there some reason she wants to hoard her fat.
Are they any I can pursed her to not be such a hoarder Opinion time and honest time…I believe if she gets pass the deep reason that she a hoarder in her life that she would be come comfortable in loosing weight.
I say this saying Wisdom doesn’t have monopoly on it but also I think knowledge doesn’t have an monopoly on it either.
She has such a collection of health, personal growth books, and Christianity books plus pamphlets and magazine.
I think it would be wise to share some of this knowledge about.
How do I help her not be such a hoarder?


  1. I can't see how reading could be considered being lazy...perhaps as a tool to procrastinate but not to be lazy.


  2. I don't see eye to eye on this one. I think my mom over reacted and my grandma over read.

  3. All reading is an education. I don't care what someone is reading, they are learning from it.

    See it as personal study time. :)

  4. I cannot imagine not wanting to read. I always have 2 or more books I'm reading plus magazines and cookbooks.

    Tell your client to visit Peter Walsh's website:


    He has a book called, "Does this clutter Make My Butt Look Big"
    Excellent book and he is probably right. He is the one who did the special on Oprah about hoarders.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend. It was pretty cold last night.

  5. Reading is good for the grey mater we all know that....use it or lose it....but with that being said...it's all about balance....why can't you read and then be active as well....best of both worlds if you ask me.

    As for your morbidly obese friend....and hoarding....gosh I guess you have to find out what that is all about....are there seperation anxiety issues....did she go with out as a child? Was she intentionally denied things....finding the root and having her talk about her behaviours is the first step to change....

  6. Reading is definitely not lazy - it's essential. Otherwise why would I waste my time being a writer! I always have several books on the go. But obviously we need to spend time moving our bodies as well, otherwise our energy stagnates. Have you tried giving your fat friend a book about space clearing? I'm sure there is a link between hoarding and getting fat.


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