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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Hunt (family)

Well it Saturday and it simple means it time for me to do Photo Hunt and this week theme is Family and next week theme is “Scary”

I decided to take the oldest picture out of our trunk and this is my Great Great Grandfather Gilman Witherell.
He was born before the civil war in the state of New Hampshire in year of 1809 and died in year of 1878 in Michigan.
I don’t know what kind of life Gilman lived, or how he felt.
I only can offer dates and few odd things I learn about him. His first wife was name Mary Ann Simpson and she died before him with asthma.
He re later married a woman who last name start with the letter “P” and I know him and Mary Ann Raised 5 children.
His occupation was a Cooper (barrel) maker plus I know he did some farming in Michigan


  1. Have you ever noticed how tough the people in so many of the oldest photos looked? I got the feeling life was none too gentle back then.

    My photohunt is here: http://aliceaudrey.wordpress.com/2008/10/18/surprise-reunion/

  2. wow what a vintage photo! nice take on the family theme!

  3. Anonymous1:33 PM

    wow1 a photo with history huh!
    thanks for visiting mine.

  4. You know quite a bit, considering!

    I have some very vintage photos up for my Photo Hunt today! I hope you can get a chance to see and leave your link.

  5. funny how they took pix back then!

    come see mine "lighter" side of family!

  6. I love vintage photos. It's so cool you know something about Gilman. I know nothing about my ancestry that far back. Enjoyed seeing part of your "family" - treasure that photo!

  7. I think people look older in the old photos, too. When you think that some of the women are the age we're at now, I wonder if it was a hard life and no makeup. :D

  8. What a distinguished photograph.

    Your peace globe from June 2008 has been placed in The Peace Globe Gallery.
    You are officially peace globe #955.
    BlogBlast For Peace ~ November 6, 2008 is going to be awesome! Please feel free to grab a badge and spread the word. Hope to see you there.

  9. It is fascinating to wonder about the lives of those we look at but did not know...

  10. Good thing you have so many details about your family. Doesn't he look stern? I also find a lot of folks from 'way back look very serious.
    Do you get your allergies from your great great grandmother?

  11. wow. really old pic. i dont think i still have pics of my ancestors. you can view my entry for photohunt on this site: http://sah.i.ph/blogs/sah/2008/10/18/photohunt-saturday-family/

  12. I love old photos.. do you ever look at them and see if you look like your ancestors?


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