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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strange Tales of Ziggy and Daisy.

I have a cat name Ziggy and dog name Daisy. Some time I believe they ought to go to a shrink.
They have a strange relationship.

Daisy is a blue healer and most healers are on the brave side not Daisy. She loves chasing her ball and actual likes that more then food.
Well Daisy is sacred of the dark so at nighttime she sleeps in the house.
Between ten and midnight she comes into our room and gets me up to check and see if there nothing outside that may go bump in the night.
She also has me call in Ziggy she must figure it not safe for the cat to be out either.
So once I get Ziggy in she washes his face by licking him. Well Ziggy gets this discussing and anode look on his face like he saying, “gee mom my face is just fine”
Usual Ziggy likes to sit or lay on kitchen chair which Daisy real don’t have any trouble with that.
But if for some reason Ziggy goes some place else in house Daisy is first to inform me of his move.

Ziggy is much braver then Daisy he will go out in the field and hunt for mice and gopher.
One day Daisy decided to help Ziggy with hunting out in the cow field which is across the road from our place.
Well Ziggy had Daisy get on one side of the hole and she just sat there asking “now what” and soon she moved and Ziggy had to explain to her that anytime something might pop out.
So between the two they watch the hole but I believe nothing came about.
Ziggy usual brings me his prizes he catches.
But one day not sure is Daisy took or stole a gopher from Ziggy. Or even Ziggy just gave it to her. But she kept throwing it in air and playing catch with it.
The cat just watch for while and was thinking “What will this dog do for entertainment”

One day Ziggy must had enough of Daisy overly mothering him and bit her on leg no blood.
But I can understand why the cat get anode with the dog.


  1. it's funny how animals interact....especially dogs and cats....I find cats can be very territorial and dogs...mans best friend want to just protect...your Daisy might be a bit of the exception on the protect theme....actually no I bet she would protect in that letting you know something was untowards.....but yes sometimes it does make you wonder what the heck is going on in that brain of theirs

  2. They all have their own little characters, don't they! lol You're lucky your dog and cat mostly get along so well because I have some friends who have a cat and dog as well and heaven help them if they're in the same room at the same time! lol Hope you're enjoying this time of year...we had heavy frost this morning and the forecast for Thursday is rain mixed with snow! Ugh! xoxo

  3. my goal as an adult is to have a cat.


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