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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rock Gathering Sunday

Murphy and I once again went on a rock gathering trip up placer creek with friends of ours Earl and Quenelle.
Well we met them at the Three Mile.
Murphy drove up there and I look at JC Penny Catalog shoe catalog. Statement time…I feel like I need a change in my life, most be going though mid life crisesand as I was looking at catalog I was thinking that my mom and I have trouble buying shoes but for opposite reasons.
Her feet were narrow and mine is wide.
So it always seem that the pretty shoes don’t come in wide width.

So as always we met at the three mile and as usual I drove our pick up and Murphy rode with Earl.
Earl and Quenelle has a strange relationship or let say a non-marriage.
Some day I at anther date or time I’ll blog about it.

As I was driving and ready to turn up Meadow Creek and right before it. I wasn’t pay attention were I was.
So I drove on buy and notice I was almost to the Moyie turn off. So I pull in the store on highway and flip a U turn and got up there.
And it didn’t take us long to get to our spot

We found a new area. We showed Earl and Quenelle it but they didn’t think they were physically able to do it. Earl was hurt in road construction job that we has working on.
And my friend Quenelle never has been much into physical labor.
Statement time…I wish I was a weakling what no physical strength Murphy has no trouble asking me to help him do manual labor with him I sometime wonder if I was sick or injured he would ask me to help him

Well Murphy and I stayed above the road and Earl and Quenelle went below.
Murphy and I were gathering a different size shapes and texture of rocks and next thing we heard was strange voice down the creek bed.
Couldn’t get the drift of the conversation but Quenelle voice caries.
In a short time we heard Earl yelling we got to go. So Murphy dump out the rocks we have gathered.
I carried down bamboo poles, which we use for a stretcher to carry out the larger rocks out on.
Plus I haul out the bar we used to move rocks.
I’m not saying Murphy didn’t push out an empty wheelbarrow. He took out netting, bucket, and the chain saw out.

We got down to the rigs and Earl explain that a cop was talking to them that they can’t collect rocks from the federal forrest with out a permit.
I ask them which agency it was and as I gathered it was forest service law enforcement. But I won’t bank on it either.
You see I think it was two weekends ago Murphy and I was getting rocks and the fish and game showed up.
Asked me what we were doing and told him gathering rocks and he said have a good day.
But this one told our friends we need a mineral permit to get rocks from the Forrest land

Oh well I’ll go and talk to the Forrest service tomorrow and see what it takes and all the detail

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