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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Gave Two Reason Why I Won't Give It a Name.

I haven’t yet given it a name. I’m not sure why I don’t give it a name or something.
I can come up with two reasons why I don’t
1. If I call it a book of shadow I would be consider element of evil.
2. Then the any other term such as a Dairy or Journal I can’t or I won’t be put into any category.
Statement time…I believe free will is very important to each of us and that’s who and what makes us individuals
To read pass post on what to call it please Click here

I don’t know what day I decide to print off my blog Wish time…oh how I wish I started to print as I went but why cry over spilled milk.
So I bought 2 three-ring binders and started to put in my blog.
So I’ve called it “Peppylady Almost Prefect World” and volume one has 227 pages most of them my blog but there is a few pages that I did different then my regular blog more like scrap book pages one pages I did up which is one my favor poem by Robert Lewis Stevenson which is “My Shadow”
I didn’t reread the entire part of I got print it off but I did some reading in it. I learn and made mistakes in my life.
I reread the part I posted about Murphy Brother, Earl and his wife Tadita. And other posting as well. Feeling time…I still have some sadness towards how things come out, I still have a trust issue with them, and a very smidge angry issue with them.
The only suggestion I have for them is counseling and if they both or one of them decides to go I would say to be complete honest and not blame the other what went wrong.

I’ll eventually give this blogs to my boys but I'm not sure when. But I will know when it’s time to.

So I’m starting to print volume 2

Front of Volume one

Back of Volume one.

I find it very important to sometime just to shut up and listen to the sounds of nature

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  1. Perhaps one day I will do the same with my blog.


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