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Posted Wednesday, April 23, 2008 by peppylady (Dora)

At work today Donna and I went over and learn about Wheat grass juice first time every trying it.
I had an ounce of it and was pretty strong flavoring.
It had sweet smell and taste to it but now I’m bleaching it up like someone who at cucumbers.

The place I visit was Backwood Creations on the south end of Bonners Ferry. I thought it was a pretty little shop with a lot of neat items. They offer fruit smoothies, bee wax candles, and nature made gifts, carrot juice, and lot of great tasting natural product.
I bought a quart of honey made from alfalfa hay.
I read that darker the honey is better it is for you and I understand that buck wheat honey is to have a lot of benefits to it.
But Buck Wheat don’t grow here

  1. I love honey, I brought some home from Colorado...from a town near to where I had stayed.

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