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Friday, February 08, 2008

frriendly friday.+ Friday Feast

We been redoing our kitchen cabinets and real haven't had much time to do and thing for up coming Friendly Friday post except I found this two wonderful blogger out in the blog world.

This week person is Robin and her blog is called “Dream time”
I don’t know my way around her blog I found her or she found me and I took a liking to her blog. Plus my father grew up near Chicago and real didn’t care about the weather there.

One of the person is Jolie and she on Robin side bar and I took a moment to check out humpty dump me eggs all I was reading about me and anyone who is pro chocolate must have some good quality about them

At this time there was some tech issue at the Friday Feast meme and this morning we are driving down to visit Sawyer in Postfalls

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