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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Delightful Senses

This is a scripture from one of the teaching of Buddha

Devote not yourselves to negligence;
Have no intimacy with sensuous delights.
The vigilant meditative person
Attain sublime Bliss.

At times I’m rather shallow person Confession time…In lot ways I’m a material girl
But on the other hand I find delight in hearing beautiful sounds of music, people voices and the sounds of nature.
I love the smell of most things that god gave us. Ok I’m not keen on smell of skunk or some smelly plants. But I know there here for a reason.
I love to look at beauty and I see it all around me in everyday life.
Taste is wonderful!!! When it comes to foods and drink. Confession time…If food didn’t taste so good I wouldn’t be as fat as I am
Now let not forget “touch” oh how I love to touch many things that god/dess gave us.

Isn’t it wonderful how our senses gives us such delight in our wonderful world.
At times I should of listen, or even should try to see it from anther point of view. Then there times I simple been negligence or just didn’t want to…because I was bull headed, didn’t care, being self centered, controlling, lazy or etc.

But deep down I know I should be aware of our wonderful senses.

A short little personal true story. I was with this group and we were paired off and the assignment was one to put on the blindfold and the other person was to lead the other one around the park.
I recall being blindfold and there was this little running stream only and inch deep. Once I put on the blindfold the creek sound like a river flowing quickly over some boulders and there were some rolling hills though out the park and with the blindfold on the hills became steeper.
Once this person started to take me down the hill first thing came to my mind is how she/he was going to shovel me in the water.
My other sense kicked in more because I didn’t have my sense of sight plus some even over reacted.


  1. That is a wonderful excerise...it truly does give us an appreciation for not only each and everyone of our senses but the world around us...and as you so eloquantly put it...the stream sounded like a river...it's interesting how things become magnified...thank you for sharing...and for reminding me to enjoy my senses and surrounding...

  2. I don't know if I have enough trust in me for that exercise. But that quotation brought me up short: sensuous delights: food, chocolate. A lot to think about here for sure.


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