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Thursday, January 03, 2008

December Weather

On December 3rd was the hottest day 47.8 Fahrenheit 8.7 Celsius
On December 31st was the coldest day 9.9 Fahrenheit –12.3 Celsius
Then the average high for the month 34.5 Fahrenheit 1.5 Celsius
Then the average low for the month 17.2 Fahrenheit –8.2
We had quite bit of snowfall in our yard of 32 inch 81 Centimeter
I’ve seen lot more snow then this.


  1. WEll it has been very mild here...stormy but mild....I keep looking at photos of winter...and I wonder when ours is going to hit....hope life is treating you well....cheers....

  2. Anonymous10:52 PM

    i like cold weather, too bad we don't have that most of the time here in the Philippines.

  3. We are still getting warm days here. It is around 27 today but expected to be back up in the 50 degree area next week.


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