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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A younger View of the World

I thought I would find a Buddhist Scriptures on Buddha by a search on google.

"If such children do live at home, they leave early in the morning and do not return until late at night. Never do they ask about the welfare of their parents or make sure that they don't suffer from heat or cold. They do not inquire after their parents' well being in the morning or the evening, nor even on the first and fifteenth of the lunar month. In fact, it never occurs to these unfilial children to ever ask whether their parents have slept comfortably or rested peacefully. Such children are simply not concerned in the least about their parents' well being. When the parents of such children grow old and their appearance becomes more and more withered and emaciated, they are made to feel ashamed to be seen in public and are subjected to abuse and oppression."

I found being a parent at times a very hard job. Confession time…I didn’t like sitting boundary for my boys. but I knew it was necessary for them to grow up to be well adjusted adults.
Sure they even debated Murphy and I.
Even at time the boys would come up with something like this “ When you get older I’m going to stick you in a crappy Nursing home”
confession time…At time I wonder if they would just stick us in some un caring nursing home because we wouldn’t just let them run about

My dad died before my Grandma Olive and when we where living the cemetery. My moms mom asked if she would be ok money wise.
My Grandmother never had any big retirement and was offering my mom help.
I guess you never stop being a parent.

Children has funny ideal about the world even I did. I would go off to school and somehow the Breakfast dishes and Lunch dishes were done and I was clueless and thought that part of the world didn’t happen. Once I appear in a certain part of the world it start to happen because I entered.
My dad worked on the railroad and he worked very hard and I had this ideal don’t ask me where I came up with this one.
I thought if it was to hot or to cold people didn’t have to work and on those days my father would sit in a nice cozy place with his working buddies and enjoy the day.
Honest time…My parents never told or acted that the world revolved around me

It funny how a youngster preserves the world around them and different stages of how we view life, as we grow.

Today Murphy and I was invited up to our friends that lives on Katka Mountain. Quenella made all sorts of goodies.
One of there neighbors brought some thumb print cookies full of raspberry jam.
My mom used to make thumb print cookies.

I’m not sure which real goodie I liked best. I real like Quenelle short bread type of cookies which melts in your mouth.
Or the thumb print cookies.
There was some type of round shape bar bread like thing and it was soaked heavy in brandy.
Then there was round shape bar bread like thing and heavy in the peanut butter.
It was pretty good tasting but I think it was probably more funny watching me eat.
A few of them made smart-ass comment about taking a picture.
I couldn’t see my face but I only can guess.
Confession time…I guess I would be attempted to grab the camera and take a picture

I’ve like Quenella and Earl Nativity set.
I wish I got a few more pictures of there holiday decoration around the place.

But we had a good time.


  1. Merry Christmas my friend....have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.....cheers....

  2. May the joy that comes with Christmas Day remain with you throughout the year!! Merry Christmas dear friend. xoxo


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