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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cast in Peppylady Almosy prefect

25. La Walla (Jerlynn) is a friend who was born on coast of Washington. Worked as airline as a steward for united airlines. She has environmental chemical sensitivity. She done home care for other people like I do and I believe she general has the same out look as I do. She lanky and blond

26. Donna (Patty) One of my clients o born down around the Los Angles area. Been married twice.
Is quite pretty. Quite musical.

27. Fynn(Don) Murphy (Steve) is the first person he met when he move to North Idaho from California. Served in United States Navy for 10 years and was fire fighter for the United States Forrest Service. His wife name is Judy (Linda) Plus he plays the guitar.

28. Rita (Sylvia)who is married to Murphy (Steve) brother Earl (Mike) She born April 1971. They where married in Rock-spring Wyoming in Oct 2010.

29. Muphette (Stephanie) who I take care of . From the Bay area San Francisco. Born in 1954. Has 3 daughter.

30. Callie (Stacy) was one of my clients. Born in Bonners Ferry Id. The youngest child. Has and older sister and older brother. Now lives (Oct of 2010) lives in the Richland Washington. Is Bi Polar.
Has one daughter.

31. Dub-ya (George Bush) president of the united states.

32.Happy (Barack Obama) president of the united states.

33. Annie (Victoria) Murphette (Stephannie) middle daughter. Her father is criminal insane and buy a court order instead of child-sport the judge ranged for her to receive social security though him.

34 Enda (Nattie) Murphette (Stephannie) youngest daughter.

Jerylynn maiden name is Neumyer, Patty maiden mame is Shaffer, Linda maiden mane Miller.Stacy maiden is Embry.

36 Terry (Cody) is Teresa ( Gissele) husband Ruth (Faith) youngest daughter husband. In 2010 they live in Kalispell Montana. He been in Army and in 2010 he in the army national guard full time.

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