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Saturday, November 17, 2007

photo Hunt # 21

I LOVE____

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I LOVE____

I actual love a lot of things in my life and sure I’ve griped about a lot of things here in the blog world but there is actual a lot I do I love and couldn’t take a picture of all things I love. Plus I should have added more. “Isn’t it amazing after the fact of something you can think of more”


  1. A graphic organizer! This has to be the most original post for the week! wonderful thoughts.

  2. I LOVE that....great post...yes there are lots to things we can love and I think it's great and creative the way you displayed it...

  3. Great post. All of these things are more precious than gold.


  4. That's a really great way of covering everything. I hadn't thought of anything like that at all!

  5. Great idea for this week's theme


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