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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October Reading II

I keep meaning to anther reading first part of the month I said I was going to use 4 source in my reading and only used one so I’m behind a bit

At random I picked 4 places in the bible

Psalm 38 I believe we all wonder why are life comes out the way it does. Not saying it right or wrong. But there a devil in play or bad spirits.
But all in all we should keep are life balance.

Ezekical 24 It sometime hard to bury the hatch it when someone does you wrong. But some where in life many question I have asked “Some time the others won’t let you bury the ax”

John 8
This is one of my favor verse in bible and we at time even me Confession time…Even at times I told half truth not wanting to let others see that I got weaknesses Are faults might not be the same as someone else but we have are short coming. Not one sin is better then anther.

Act 5 We may be underhand in some way even a smudge but god/dess always knows what is in our heart. Confession time…Some time I have to chase out those mean nasty things I know I should forgive or love
If you know someone is doing wrong and you let them go. Your not doing either one a favor actual you selling your self short

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