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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cold Hard Cash Thats What it Takes

It about time for me to up date my walking ticker factory. I figure for last two week I walk 5 miles.
I keep saying I’m going to get my self on morning routine but it has happen or I don’t know what type of routine I want

I did get some bulbs planted in my patriotic flower bed. Let see if I can recall what I plant or spell it right.
White daffodil, red tulips, white easter hythsen, white narcissism, and I hope I mention all the flowers.
I still have a few I bought that I want to put in my purple and yellow flower bed but it needs clean out.

I made a list of things I could use or need around not terrible expensive items. “Ok depend on who pocket book you have”
1. Crock Pot
2. Ink for the printer
3. The bags you’re put things in a suck the air out of. I want to put the sleeping bags in and stick them under the bed.
4. Vacuum cleaner bag.
5. Seal Meal
6. Memory Card for the camera
7. Carpet Steam cleaner
8. Blender.
The American dollar sure doesn’t go as far as it once goes


  1. I make these lists all the time. I need a new back door so badly right now. I can see daylight around it! But it's one of those french deals and will cost upwards of $700 and that is not an option.

  2. Enjoyed your post. There's a few things we need around here too, including a crock pot, a blender and various other items. I finally got the element for my stove, so that was one of my blessings this week. Thanks for sharing.


  3. We need a new roof. Probably by next spring. Sometimes I like to try to find alternative ways to solve problems.I'd also like one of those things that suck air out of sleeping bags!:-)

  4. I'd like a steam cleaner too but with this tiny place it might be more economical to rent one for the day.


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