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Monday, October 22, 2007

No Good ,Rotten Day

The other day both one of my son had to deal with a jerk and the other had to deal with an asshole”

My son Bart was Elk hunting and this one guy about in his mid 30 complaint about my son Elk hunting in my Uncle and Aunt hay field.
As I get farther along in the story this Jerk got caught getting game illegal and I would guess he have of lost his hunting privilege.
So one day Bart and his friend Tom went somewhere and this jerk son came up and hit Bart before he could take off his set belt and hit him.
Then the Jerk him self told Bart “That the wrong one killed him self” He was talking about his cousin Nate or Murphy and I Nephew.
Well I suggest file a report with the sheriff office and I would help him. Simple because I wasn’t there to know all the details what went on?
But he decided not to and if this jerk or his son doesn’t get you can’t act like this. What will happen there jail time will keep on increasing.
I’m strong believer in Karma.
Then he decided to go hunting somewhere else with his friend Tom and someone was hunting above them and fired by them at some game.
Oh I believe it was an accident nothing more

Now for Sawyer he moved to Grant Pass Oregon place call Grey Backs which is private land management which does fire prevention on private land and sometime they contract out with the government.
Well before Sawyer a few “Red Flags” went up this place but sometime your kids have to attend the school of hard knocks.
Well the promised him a bunch of things and did actual anther thing.
Well it was Friday the 19th of October and I guess they promised him a raise and didn’t deliver on it.
So he told them “I quite” then they ask “Why do you quite” his reply was “ I can list 20 reason why” and he then start to list them
“Number one, you’re a bunch of Assholes”
“ Number two, you lied to me to many damm times”
Then they told him to leave. So his last paycheck is coming in Friday and he wants to pick it up and see if it right and doesn’t balance.
Then move back up to Naples. Not sure what he going to do but he can get back on at Schweitzer
Not sure exactly Sawyer plans are but last time I talked to him he was planning to go back to school.
He talks quite a bit to Bart.
You see this place Grey Backs never gave them breaks and there lunch was about 10 minutes.
So I figure Sawyer will be back here between Sunday and Monday.

No sure where he going to sleep he got choice of the basement or Bart old room.
Bart old room I was planning to turn in to a home office and craft room. Now I’m waiting to see what Sawyer doing

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  1. Oh dear, it takes all kinds, doesn't it! Your sons have been unlucky to run into jerks like that...all these jerks want are to start trouble. I'm glad to hear that Sawyer left that job, they sure don't treat their employees very well. I guess he just had to learn the hard way that moving away does not mean better!! Hopefully he'll be able to find another job closer to home. xox


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