Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring Sprucing Up

I start on zoloft for my panic attacks. So far so good. The only complaint I have is it makes me a little on the sleep side. Although I’m doing better on it.

Went into town and deposited our tax return. I still need to write a check for Sawyer and Murphy medical bills.
We also need a lawn more and I was in quality feed looking at husqvarna riding lawn more. Now once I started to look at riding lawn mower on the web page I’m not sure which one was at quality feed. We now have an old coast to coast riding lawnmower and in 6th gear it pretty gutless. Not sure if it’s worth fixing or not.
The real reason I went in to quality feed is to get some flower seeds. I got some lavender zinnia to be put out in my oval shape flower bed. This flower bed is done in purplish and yellowish shades of flowers.
I’m wanting to put in anther flower bed with our birth month flowers. I thought of on the edge of the barn/shed. I would need to get a trills to grow the sweet peas on. Then on the ground I would put in aster, violets and mums.
The other place I thought of putting a new flower bed is around the snag and let the sweet peas grow up the snag. Plus I would plant my violet, aster and mums below.

Plus I went to my boys teacher and parent conference. Sawyer got a 3.4 g.p.a. His worst subject was advance algebra. He playing games with his teacher. honest time...I think he likes giving her a bad time He got enough math credits to graduate. But he can pull a c in this class and still sleep. opinion time...I think Sawyer math teacher is a little weird But I think she knows her subjects. Sawyer isn’t doing his potential in her class.
Bart grades is anther story. Bart got a 1.8 g.p.a. In algebra he was missing quite a few assignments and his quiz and test score wasn’t all that great. This teacher stay after school to 5 so she can help the students. opinion time....I think Bart math teacher gives long quiz 15 and even up to 30 question on a quiz and 100 or more question on a test Then he didn’t do all that good in spanish or earth science. Those 2 teacher wasn’t their. But his science grade and math did come up.

Well soon is going to be Easter and I’m guessing Murphy sister Faith will have some kind of Easter dinner. I only wish Murphy and his brother Earl would get along. feeling time...I find it stressful being at any family function when Murphy and Earl is in the same building
In the evening Murphy been trying to call his brother Earl up and give him an altercation about being a snob. honest time...I would say Earl is to much of chicken shit to answer the phone. I would guess they got caller id and our phone number is coming across

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