Monday, July 15, 2019

Not Much Changed

Been doing Fit day for about two weeks now and I thought I would decrease my calorie intake about 25 to 50 calories. For last two weeks my daily average 1,758 and I my goal for calorie consumption of foods were 2,060 unto 2,310. Twice I was over, not even close to my upper range.
So for a while I'm not changing my calorie intake. But trying to increase activity and water level.

Going over to Portland Oregon for my weight lost convention for T.O.P.S it was quite beneficial. In simple term is getting your battery recharged.
After a while changing one habits can be plain no fun, and we sleep back into our bad habits. I am trying to come up there three key words that is fitting. But there not coming.

When it comes to money I classify things as needs and wants. The wants are taken care of first. Then they'res number one and two when it comes to needs.
Well I have a list of ten items on my want list. But it looks like I am going only get part of the items on my list.
I figure I can use $125 for my wants. I have hair appointment on Tomorrow, getting a perm which I would guess it around $75 so that leaves me $50 and need a gift for grand daughter already got her a book and I will pick up a little something for around $10
Could use package of undies and socks, together that should be around $25 and I need some photos printed and not sure what that would come to. I know it will be less then $15
So the rest I will get end of month or some time in August.

Been hauling mainly cook books to the thrift store out of hall closet. Figured I only need a two to three feet of shelving space for cook books or like.
Usual I use the web for recipes now.

Gave LaWana half of Liz hours to get her on her feet. And I told her that next week I want to go back to my regular hours.
But I figure Sept and or Oct Murphy and I will go to Medford. And LaWana can take care of clients for my time gone.
Usual gone for three to four days.
Don't need to stay any more then that.
Regis has appointment on Thursday down in Sandpoint. Hopeful he and I can do a little shopping I can get my panties and socks. Plus a gift for grand daughter.
Got good sneaky hunch Liz hasn't been taking her meds like she is prescribed. So I'm going to get her pill organizer.
Wish she would let the pharmacy put her pills in daily pill pack. If I had the power I would call and have the pharmacy set it up in the pill packs...all of her morning, lunch, dinner, and bed time would be in pack and dated she would have to take.

Weigh in and will let world know what the scales say. A lot shorter post...want to read some blog tomorrow.

Coffee is on



  1. Good work on the fit front!

  2. I gave away a lot of my cookbooks. There's a lot of variety in the few I've kept. Looking for "simple" and "nutritious."

  3. Why have cookbooks when all the good recipes seem to be online anyway? Downsizing is hard, though.

  4. I have way too many cookbooks, too! Good idea to sort some out!

  5. I gave a lot of cookbooks to my kids, but kept the ones I like to look at because the pictures are so wonderful.


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