Saturday, July 27, 2019

It Was Going To Be Call

Had every intention to call this post before noon. Well been busy working on cover or more of truthful word would be partial cover for our out side basement cover.
Today we put up the brackets to hold roof joist in place.
Then also we place a six inch board just below the siding. Not sure if we going to anything tomorrow or not.
We were thinking of heading up into the mountains.

 Before breakfast Murphy and I went out and picked some raspberries. We use them on our pancake.
One reason I want to post before is talk about breakfast a little. Confession time...I don't care for pancake syrup. 
So I have a little honey on my pancake. As you can see some raspberries  with non dairy whip topping. But also there banana with the raspberries.
Then the sausage. My breakfast consist 640 calories. The 640 calories 296 came from fat, carbs calories are 251, and protein calorie were 92.
I did have lunch but it not going to be listed or talked about.

Yesterday I mention about non movement or burn calories. Well my fir bit said I was less then 3,000 steps and even on slow uneventful day I will have more.
Just doing daily activities I should have over 3,000 steps.
Ended up putting a new battery in my fit bit.

 Got my first page done for August bullet journal. Then also cleaning and reorganize my blog.

Coffee is on


  1. You cover seems to be coming along nicely Dora and your breakfast looked delicious.
    My hubby does the Fitbit thing, too.

    Have a great evening~

  2. Seems strange to me to have a sausage patty on the same plate as a sweet pancake, I've never seen that before. Here a pancake with fruit and whip would be considered dessert, while a sausage patty would most likely have an egg beside it for breakfast.

  3. Your pancake is probably better than my bowl of cereal. Not enough protein. When I'm watching my calories, it's a constant battle to get enough protein.

  4. I like honey on my French toast. Never syrup.

  5. Oh it is so nice to have your own berries growing in your garden.

  6. It sounds like a busy productive day!!

  7. I would rather have berries than syrup any day!


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