Monday, May 27, 2019

It Seem To Be All Over

Part of winning the lottery and nothing wrong with dreaming a bit. But like most places we here in our quint little town there a residential shortage for low income.
And HUD (housing...urban...development. seem to be a outdated on what things are real at. I was actual think of using the term little outdated.
Depends were one hang there hat. But each area of possible HUD housing will have limited amount for let say one bedroom, two bedroom, and such.
I believe a two bedroom here was about $600 and something, which should cover the utilities. So the government thinks one should be able to find a two bedroom home and turn the lights plus cover water, sewer, garbage, and such.
The tenant amount they would be pay depending on which HUD there under. They will pay 20 to 30% of there income, and there a few deduction they may have. I know medical is one of them.
So a person who receiving there income from SSI is $771 a month, so they would pay $231 a month for there rent.
But finding a rental for $600 a month that would pass inspection
I did end up finding a HOME RENT LIMITS My numbers are off a bit.
Question time...Is there a housing shortage and what does housing cost in your area? 
Did mention how I would take care of my sons and there DESCENDANTS But I would like to do up some decent homes for low income housing. These homes or might be call plex. But each one this would have small fence yard, and place for possible a small garden. With a community room.
Rent price would be 65% less then HUD limits. A four bedroom here would go for $535 instead of $827.
If anyone wonder how many units I would do in my community it be 16 units.
Some time in resent time I did post called TAKE A NUMBER PLEASE and I thought every thousand points one these major company can donate $1.00 Statement time....If I knew any of these major companies would use these points for better of people kind. I would be quite likely to take part in filling out these points or rating a business.

As for organize fabrics just finished up the orange and purple, even nicely put in there spots. Pull out all grey and blacks fabrics. But still need to size them up.

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  1. Housing shortage? Yes, for those on low incomes, (rich people can afford to buy what they want where they want it), but the biggest problem is public housing shortage, over the years public housing on big blocks (so people could have gardens) have become to expensive to maintain so they got sold, but not enough medium density housing has been built to replace the sold ones. And there is a problem of people in public housing trashing their homes and having to be moved and they repeat this so often, when I think that if they trash (wreck) their home on purpose, they should not be allowed another public housing place.
    I don't know so much about housing cost, it depends on the house and land size, do you mean to buy or to rent? Rent is more expensive in or close to city and more expensive for bigger homes with more bedrooms.

    1. I would guess it was late 70's or early 80's is last time they building in public housing where I live.
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  2. Housing is very expensive here but the supply is adequate, although not enough cheap housing.

    1. What I find interesting my son new car cost more then my parents home in 1960.
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  3. Hari om
    Good subject to post about Dora! This is a problem in both Australia and UK. River and Andrew have covered the first, so let me add that the UK is desparate for affordable housing due to Maggie Thatcher encouraging the sell-off of public homes in the 1980s. Lots of buolding gpoing on, yet not keeping up with demand. I cannot properly comment on the costs, as these vary greatly according to region.

    I love your idea for a "kraal" dwelling... c'mon Lotto!!! YAM xx

  4. I live in one of the most expensive parts of the country. Affordable housing is very hot topic around here.

    My younger daughter has a very good job in Manhattan. She shares an apartment with a roommate. It’s a one bedroom apartment, they put up a wall in the living room to create a second bedroom. This is a fairly common practice in NYC. Why? Her half of the rent on a one bedroom apartment could get you an entire house in some parts of the country,

  5. Oh gosh yes, for those of us who need affordable housing, that is. There is plenty for those who make a good deal of money. Hubby and I have been looking for two years now. When new buildings are put up they have to allot so many for affordable housing. In one building of 350 apartments, only 5 were allotted and there are thousands of people trying to get them. Some buildings list affordable housing at $2000 a month. They have to be kidding. But sadly, as a result, entire buildings sit empty because people cannot afford the rent they are asking.

  6. Some forget the real world is where affordable housing is not measured in thousands of dollars nor the high end of hundreds of dollars. When you look at minimum wage jobs, rent, groceries and utilities, the math just doesn't work.
    You sure have a lot of material! I used to love to see.
    Have a great day 💮

  7. I have a feeling that the man in charge of HUD in the US is pretty rubbish at his job Dora, do you agree?

  8. affordable housing here is snapped up as soon as it comes available. we are in a crisis because we are a tourist town and most of the jobs are low paying jobs and all the apartments and houses are high pay. 3/2 house next door is 1200 3/2 across street is 1800.00. a 2/2 is 1200.00 a studio apartment, one room is 800 to 900 apartments are 1200 and up. all the houses in our neighborhood have 3 to 6 cars in their driveways. they put 2 people to a bedroom to afford to live there.

  9. I don't want to horrify you by telling you about housing costs in my area. Suffice to say that Hong Kong -- not New York, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, etc. -- has the highest property prices in the world.

  10. Yes, there's a housing crunch in my area. It's been talked about much in the papers.


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