Thursday, May 09, 2019

Take A Number Please

I was curious about different reward items out there. Earning points and some might even use term...score, credit, mark, notch, and etc.
And when one looks up a business though google. 
One of the place I frequent is "Under the Sun" which has a high rating of 4.9 Then one of our thrift store Second Chance there an animal shelter and they get 4.3 
And at this point one can earn BADGES. I wonder why even as adult might be doing something like this. Google is a big enough company they could do something tangible. Not saying pay people. Let say every 1,000 points they could donate one dollar charitable cause. 
I could think of a few good causes. 
Google isn't the only one who has some type of point system going for them. 
I knew someone who played POGO GAMES and she was so wrap up in it and was so excited when she won and badge. I recall her at times toot her horn. 
I wonder why some one can get some would get wrap up on internet doing reviews and such for points and badges.
What the psychology behind this. 

Question time...How do you feel about self gratification and how do you get yours? 

I can say one thing self gratification is something I'm not comfortable with. 

Coffee is on    


  1. I love earning points for things.

  2. They do similar on Candy Crush. I don't pay much attention as the game relaxes me, but I think it helps some people keep track of how well they're doing.

  3. I don´t do it. They gather infos and spam you later over here...

  4. I don't agree with those reward systems. People go crazy trying to "earn" points by buying more and more, far more than they need. For instance to get whatever the reward is, maybe you have to earn 1000 points and by shopping you can only get one point for each $10 you spend, so by the time you earn the 1000 points you've spent an awful lot of money when instead it would be cheaper to just buy one of whatever the reward item is.

  5. I get rewards from Amazon Prime and my bank credit card. I also signed up for EBates. But I don't go crazy buying things I don't need just for the points. For example, this quarters EBates check will only be $1.38. Oh, I could spend more, but I don't need anything.

  6. I will do something for tangible rewards...but general ‘badges’ and ‘points that get me nothing’ hold no draw for me!

  7. Nope not for me Dora, but have no problem if others enjoy 😊

  8. I've gotten addicted to playing the card game solitaire. Weird. I should spend my time writing, instead. Be well!

  9. I truly couldn't be bothered but if people enjoy doing it, fine. Just don't bore me with going on and on about it.

  10. Points, schmoints. I'll do it or buy it if I want to. Points are pointless to me.


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