Saturday, May 25, 2019

Don't Want To Over Indulge

A lease I do dream of winning a big lottery. I believe I know I would first hire a lawyer and account.
Now second I would do is take care of my sons and there family.
Pay for a public university education up to a masters of there choice. And this will hold to wives and my grand children.
Pay off half of there home.
Set up one million dollar retirement account for both of my son. Which they can't touch until there 55 years old. Which will grow from interest and both of them are stable and they can do as they please once they hit 55.
Why this not a total hand out. People including my self and son needs to stay ground and balance.
Sure with that big winnings one could pay off there homes off. But I believe they need to feel the ups and downs of home ownership.
It seem like today I've seen people with a bachelors that real don't amount to hill of beans. My son both have tech or trade school degrees and there doing quite well.
As for my self. I know retirement isn't going to be picnic. Confession time...It both some choices and cards I was deal.
not placing blame on anyone.
I have small retirement set a side. My full retirement age will be 67 and I figure I should be getting about the same amount my husband does. Right now he gets $810 and usual they have increase in living. So I'm guessing in 2027 it will be right around $895, So combine income would be about just under $1,800 a month,
But when I come sixty three I will look into my opinion of drawing marital benefits from social security.
Which is different then widow. What I would like to do is draw marital benefits off my husband and see if I can continue working and keep paying into my social security.
Not trying to brag but I can be quite thirty. One time I figure how cheap I could live on $625 and nothing better go wrong and zero chance for errors. Plus I would have to give up some stuff.

Big project for weekend is to sort my fabric by color and size.

Coffee is on



  1. I’m fortunate, I've got a significant sum put away in my 401(k). I don’t plan to retire until I’m 70 (11 years), so between that and Social Security I should be ok.

    Far too many people won’t be ok when they retire. Sigh.

    1. Not sure how much my IRA will be worth, when I retire and exactly how we decided to handle it all.
      I know 67 years old will be age I can retire and who knows I might go longer.

  2. Gosh that was a lot of future figuring out Dora 😉 I wish I could be thrifty like you, I should be I am a Scot, they are pretty good with money, I seem to be missing that gene 😀

    1. I doubt I will every actual get the lottery. Nothing wrong with a dream and having bounders
      Coffee is on

  3. Fun to think of what we could do with a lottery winning, we buy tickets on occasion.

  4. I always plan how I'd share out a big lottery win, every time I buy a ticket, I mentally divide the prize by how many people I will share it with. It won't matter if I never win, but it would be nice.
    I'm already retired and living on age pension and a tiny income stream from my superannuation and I'm doing okay because I don't have a lot of expenses, but there's not much left over for saving.

  5. I always dream about how I would take care of my family and what I would do with the money should I win the lottery. :-)

    Retirement...I’m working on it...again. I ‘bought’ my way out of a bad marriage in my mid 40’s started over with nothing by the clothes on my back! It’s slow going...but I’m working on it!

  6. I want to live in Idaho. That's not too bad.


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