Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Up One

Weigh in at my local T.O.P.S group and I was up pound. Mid February and by end of March my goal is to be at 197.25.
For some reason getting under 200 pounds just isn't happening.

 With Trump and his shenanigans it been somewhat between laughable and one feathers might be ruffled up bit.
Question time...Why do politics and or religion brings the worst out in people?
BERNIE SANDERS join the possible democrat CANDIDATES. Last election I was for Bernie.
Idaho is CLOSE PRIMARY state and before Bernie came scene I was a register REPUBLICAN and tried to keep those with extreme conservative ideals out.
Actual in last presidential primary here in Idaho. Trump didn't win it was TED CRUZ. But I never thought Trump would every make it to white house.
Reason I change my voting status to a democrat so I support Bernie in 2016
Although not sure what I will be doing for this up coming election. A few times I heard the mayor PETE from South Bend Indiana and I'm impressed.
One of President Trump twitters....I never said anything bad about Andrew McCabe’s wife other than she (they) should not have taken large amounts of campaign money from a Crooked Hillary source when Clinton was under investigation by the FBI. I never called his wife a loser to him (another McCabe made up lie)!
Bernie twitters.... Why does Trump want to repeal the estate tax? Maybe because without it, a majority of the assets held by households worth $100 million or more would never be taxed.
We must reduce inequality, not make it worse. Our job is to increase the estate tax on billionaires like Trump.
Pete twitters....I launched a presidential exploratory committee because it is a season for boldness and it is time to focus on the future. Are you ready to walk away from the politics of the past?

Little later I will be heading to work, and work tomorrow will be a bit hectic. I'll be taking part in my two memes.

Coffee is on


  1. I'm not registered with either party. I'll never vote Republican, but the Democrats piss me off sometimes, so I don't want to be affiliated with them either (but I'll vote for them).

  2. Here in Idaho one has to pick a political party for the primaries and our state is heavily leans to conservative (GOP) side.
    So actual voting democrat in primaries is waste of time. It usual best to find a middle road republican here, which is hard....It almost like voting up or down like they did old Soviet Union.

    1. Voting Democrat might be a waste of time initially, but if enough people do it and continue to do it, there might be a change for the better eventually.

  3. It's a confusing situation over there and I don't know who I would vote for, but for sure I would not vote for Trump or anyone in his party.

  4. It's such a shame that the majority of people who you wish were in politics have no desire for to play the game of power and control - unlike the actual people who are in politics.

  5. So now Trump is in a twit about Daniel Coats, Director of National Intelligence, because he's not "loyal" and not "a team player." How did anyone so ignorant get elected president?

  6. I supported Bernie in 2016 but supported Hillary in the general.

    I'm siding with Harris or Warren this time. I will support the nominee regardless, but I think Bernie's chance had already expired. If only he was much younger.

  7. Your politics are a bit broken in the US. May the next election fix it. You Canadian friend


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