Saturday, January 05, 2019

Some Thing Are My Choice And Others Aren't

Start my morning with biscuits and gravy. One biscuit and I would guess a quarter cup. I held my weight over the holidays and weigh in this coming Tuesday at TOPS, although I been starting to work on my decreasing my weight once again. And I want the scales to read 198.75 by the end of March or slightly less

Murphy and I change the oil in his pick up. I was the go to girl.
Then also I put away some canning jars and notice there were some loose quart jars. Anyhow I don't recall last time I used a canning quart jar.
Murphy bought a electrical juicer he got off of Craig's list and Liz gave me a small percolator coffee maker.
Confession time...For some reason I like sound of percolator coffee maker.

Did some minimizing in my file cabinet in basement. Won't say I tossed a lot of manuals of items we don't have anymore.
Combined all small appliance together in one folder and the electron items in anther file.

The other day I went though my towels in linen closet and still need to go though the sheet. My goal is to have that done before next Friday and that will be the 11th.
Did notice we need wash clothes, hand towels, bath towels, and one thing I don't need is bath sheets.

Had Burrito for dinner and many of you know I have trouble with dairy. Well I put a one teaspoon of cheese in it, hopeful I can handle it.
Will know in morning or later on. I know I can handle coconut milk.
But I recently heard that some people who is lactose intolerance can handle yogurt, so I'm thinking of giving it a try, and see what happen.

Not sure what is going with my hours and I need to push to get them back or some. I want to retire off  doing Liz and Regis. But with this shut down who knows what is what.
Anyhow I don't feel like getting into politic rant.
Maybe some time later on. But not today.

I been trying to figure how to put a very little adversitement on my blog. So far what I tried hasn't worked.
What I want is a small ad just below my post. I don't want it be overly ran with ads, that content is lost in cyber wonderland.

Not much more and dryer is all most done and I can put a few dishes away. There something to keep my self occupied or intertained.

Coffee is on


  1. Havent tried posting blog ads sorry I cant help

  2. I cleared out my file box a couple of weeks ago, tore up old bills and PAID receipts for them from way back in the 90s, up to 2017. Only going to keep receipts and such for one year from now on. The box is much easier to lift now.

  3. My daughter has trouble with cheese but handles yogurt just fine.
    There are vegan products that look like cheese and are made from tofu. If you really miss cheese you could try one of those instead.

  4. Hmmmm, burrito! Fingers crossed the cheese didn´t do any harm.
    Am I lucky I can eat anything...

  5. I also love the sound of coffee being made.

  6. Happy happy New Year Dora. Greek yoghurt is good! Sounds like you are longing to have a right good clean-up Dora, once it's done it'll be fantastic! Good luck with the advertisement!

  7. Ya, I use lactose free dairy. Much better & usually more protein & vitamins added.

  8. They have fake cheese. I'm not sure what it's made of, but that might help.

  9. The straighten-things-up bug seems to bite a lot of people this time of year. I've straightened up our linen closet, our junk drawer, my desk drawers, my dresser drawers just in the past week. Now I'm about to take down our tree and other Christmas decorations.


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