Friday, September 14, 2018

Beautiful and Creative Meme Number Six

Just a short ago the neighbor who own the property across the street. Stop over and said "I'm going to cut down two dead COTTONWOOD TREES, I'm worry they might fall on the local neighbor kids"
Well they logged behind the trees, but I can't located where they cut the cotton wood trees.
It sort of starting like fall and few trees are changing colors
Enjoy other outdoor and SKY PHOTOS
Last week I said I was going to post some different Art other then my tarot cards. I was quite busy with work and dealing with my husband shingles. And lot of my goals this week didn't get done, including my art.
This is my version of the four of wands in tarot. This card makes me uncomfortable. In up right position three key words is...Celebration, Reliable, Establishing Roots and such. But if it up the three key words could be...Incomplete, Jilted, Insecurity and such.
But one needs to look at cards around it for good reading.
To enjoy other creative please visit PAINT PARTY FRIDAY

I was hoping to have four quilt blocks done. They only thing I got done was to iron the new pieces I got at antique store.


  1. Sometimes our weeks just don't work out. Your card is lovely. Love seeing the seasons change. It is beginning here in Michigan too.

  2. Lovely card Peppy!

  3. The colors of the card are wonderful

  4. You will have a great set of homemade and artistic tarot cards when you are wonderful Peppy. Such a wonderful and useful way to use your artistic abilities.

    Happy PPF~

  5. Still summer here in New York. I'm looking forward to fall.

  6. Love the colours in your card

  7. fun and colorful tarot card! Hope things get back on track for you all soon. happy PPF!

  8. Life can definitely get complicated at times. The art has good energy!

  9. I had to have two small cottonwood trees removed because they died. Hated to do it, as I really like cottonwoods!

  10. Like the card. Great colors. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Peppy:

    I really like the card you created. I admire artistic spirit! I keep imagining I could be artistic, but it is so difficult to get up the gumption to try, especially when I fear I would fail.

    I am intrigued about you getting fabric for a quilt from an antique store. I have a few relatives who do quilting, so I thought I was reasonably knowledgeable about the art of quilting (as a bystander). But, using antique fabric is a new, novel idea to me. Do you like the antique fabric because of special qualities of older fabric? Is it more uniquely colored? Or is it desired specifically because it is aged and that lends a special gravity of purpose to the quilting?


  12. We have to antique shop that carry fabric and it good deal. But I wonder if there actual antique. Not even sure if the design is vintage.
    Coffee is on

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  14. An illness, either yours or a family member's, can wipe out all you want to accomplish in a week. Anything you got done is a bonus. Good job.

  15. I haven't ironed anything for several years now. If something needs ironing, I don't buy it or wear it.

  16. I have never enjoyed ironing but do it just to get the job done! Sometimes things just cropped up to disrupt our plans.

  17. I have started patchwork squares so many times and abandoned the effort. And still thinking i should do it
    Thanks for dropping by my blog

    much love...

  18. Very nice card. I admire you for quilting. I made on quilt in my life and said, "Never Again" So take photos of it and share.

  19. I hope your husband feels better soon. Looking forward to seeing your quilt.

  20. I do like the colours in your card.
    Hoping your husband feels better soon.

    All the best Jan

  21. Hmm, dead cottonwood trees. If I remember right, the woods rots quickly so best that they go I guess.
    I like your tarot card.
    Give yourself a break!!


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