Tuesday, June 12, 2018

It Never Total Normal

It was a pretty normal day. Although not no super rough sea's of life.
This morning I had my weigh in and up a half a pound. Still in the 210 range and start just hair under 220. So I lost 10 pounds.
We had a guess speaker on emotional eating, very interesting.

Since I'm talking about my weight I might as well put my eating. Breakfast was left over pizza, lunch was a hand full of Cheerios, and cherries. Well I took some chicken breast it smell funny and got toss in the trash. So when got home I fried a burger patty.
Then for dinner had some biscuit and sausage gravy. Then a brownie.
Doesn't look like much veggies or fruit. I usual eat enough fiber types of foods. But today mm mm, not.

Hubby had to go to the dermatologist and of crouse Bonners Ferry don't have one. So we had to drive down to Sandpoint.
To the doctor they look pretty normal, but they took a few photos of the moles and told him to come back in six months.
Then next Monday I have my thing with the stomach doctor.
I will be glad when this doctor crap is over.

Been cutting fabric strips and putting them together for the crochet rag rug. I should of had this done a long time ago. The good news I'm about 90% or even maybe more.

This evening I went for a walk and gather some rocks to paint on. Mid July our local pagan group is having a camp out.
We're planning to have three craft station or project. The popular rock painting, wand and crown making.
Then hopeful we can find some one to cover a couple of adult pagan subject.
Some one ask if camp out is sky clad friendly...Which is one participates in the nude, nothing sexual. Our group put up money and we ask for suggested donation of five dollars for single, and fifteen dollars for families.
But there those who drives the loop and see what the pagan is all about. But they don't get to close, any how we might do a spell on them and turn them in to a chicken or something.
I don't have any issue with some one being nude. But I'm trying to find out the legals on it.

Coffee is on


  1. Always a good idea to find out if being nude is legal in any particular area. I don't think I would like to be nude, I worry about bug bites in tender places.
    Doesn't matter that you had a day of not-so-healthy eating, just start again the next day. Keep the bad days to a minimum, maybe one or two a month.

  2. I love pizza for breakfast!
    Rock painting sounds fun. I read on a blog about the people who paint rocks and leave them at random place in town.
    Thank you for stopping by :-)

  3. Every once in a while indulge!

  4. Hee hee. I'm sorry to giggle at someone's fears but you have me smiling that some might be worried that they'd get turned into a chicken :-)

  5. I think rock painting can be fun. The grand-kids like to do this too.

    All the best Jan

  6. "They" say you should have one day a week to "cheat". I have no idea if this helps or not.

  7. I hope your doctor's appointment goes well.

  8. Doctors... no fun! I agree with a "cheat"-day. Life should be fun once in a while.
    Hehe, chicken - let me know that spell, I can use it, too!

  9. Good luck with the doctors!


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