Thursday, January 18, 2018

There A Little Grief In Life

Today to get Regis mind off his pain from his pancreas pain we went for a short drive out in game refuge. This tree been there and often wonder if anyone every crave there intials in there. Maybe once the snow and mud season I might just walk over there and see.
I don't know why I see beauty in this ole tree.

Took Regis to see his orthpedic surgeon for his pre opt. Well since his pancreas is acting up and it doesn't settle down. They won't do the operation.
Come to think about it I fairly sure I never mention that he is having a right hip replacement. He already had his left hip done.

I took Liz to the Methodist Church for there Thursday lunch. Not sure what everything was but I can say one thing it was good.
She looking for her title to her rig. She talking to her thearpest and others that help her. She going to sell her Jeep and try to find something with better gas milage.

I guess this is a good place as any to talk about the weather. We still have snow and it melting. Most of the day it been rainning.
And this old barn I see what look like quite a few doves flying in and out of it.

I been working on both my rugs. Mainly the locker hook rug. Just finish up with the purple.
Maybe I will have time to up date my bullet journal. After I get done posting today.

I took a photo of my flyers (If you want or need to see the flyers...go to this POST) Took a photo and posted it on a few local community groups. And I mention I live in a conservative area.
To say some of the comment was interesting.
Our local pagan group facebook page have about 140 members. Before my posting of flyers though local facebook community pages we had 130 now that increase of ten.
Sure there those who made fun of paganism. I don't mind being a butt end of a joke.
But knowing some actual went over to my personal page on facebook and see who I am....There a lady who posted comment area "WITCH CRAFT BEWARE" in comment area on facebook.
So here is the post I place on my personal facebook page....It's amazing that people choice to be IGNORANT...(lacking knowledge or awarness about something particular) Our local pagan group usual make up flyers for our events. I took a photo of our flyers and post them on some of local community group though facebook. And the respond of some was somewhat interesting. Although most were kind and postive...One lady posted "WITCH CRAFT BEWARE"
In my opinon and that all it is...I don't think she had the courage to use the term..."Devil Worshiper"....Not going into what fall under the umbrella of Paganism....There many sect or denomination that would be classify as paganism...But it still amaze me that people need or want to stay in a narrow little world.


  1. There is beauty in a lot of old dead trees and I'm not at all surprised that you see it. You have an artists eye and appreciate beauty everywhere.
    Hope Regis pancreas settles down soon so he can have his new hip.

    1. There a lot of beauty out in the world.

  2. We still haven't seen a snowflake but rain en masse ! I have to say that in Europe we are rather cool about religions. I have no idea if my neighbors are pagans or not and nobody cares. It's a private thing. As long as the person if friendly and good it doesn't matter in what he or she believes.

    1. I live in fairly consertive area in United States and if anyone or thing is different it bothers thems

  3. Hari Om
    Our snow is nowhere near as deep as that, but still adds a different kind of beauty to the scenery - the trees do take on another personality! YAM xx

    1. I'm so glad for different personality. Even if it a tree or stump it does have a story, and it need to be told.

  4. Sorry to hear Regis is not so good Dora, hopefully the pancreas problem will settle down so they can go ahead with the hip operation. I wouldn't worry too much about comments on your Facebook page, there are always going to be people who have nothing better to do than be critical.

    1. Some people are over critical but sometime I wonder if people just like being stupid

  5. Can you delete that woman's comment? If it's your FB page, you should have some control over what people write on it. I would hope.

    That tree does have character.

  6. That sadly sounds very familiar. Hubby´s pancreas is nearly gone since 2008, making trouble oh so often.

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