Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Not All Tuesday Are Bad

Tuesday was hard both my clients were having an off day. I guess we're all aloud an off day. Today went well for both of them.

Regis I had to take the Emergency room he kept having his pancreatitis attack for last two weeks and they gave him a shot of Dilaudid and hopeful it gives him some relief.

I got some flyers done for our local pagan group. And only did four of our Pizzia gathering. Simple because of time frame. Took and  place them on the Bulletin board at our two food store and our two laundry Mat.
Post them on some of our local groups. Not all of them. But someone though I post on them to many.
I guess it got me wondering if we were a Christain group if they would have any issues. I guess everyone have issues.
Well it pretty well known that North Idaho is not a progressive area. But I need to give the Devil it due. There a lot of good people in my area.
But when I was in the print shop getting these print off. Some guy was making a comment..."Sure glad there not many liberal in the area" and the owner said "Yes, there not many liberal in the area"

I'm adding anther label to my blog called "daytoday" It more less day to day happening. Can you believe those who blog might be keeping an archives or recording history of some type.

Coffee is on


  1. Do you know the expression that people are, salt of the earth? They may be mistaken in their politics but on a personal level, they are wonderful people.

  2. Hari OM
    Day-to-day is important Dora; it's the majority of living life. If it were not for so many 'ordinary' letters being preserved from times before us (the Great War for example) how would we be able to paint as accurate a picture of social conditions as we do? In centuries ahead of us, those blogs which stay online become the equivalent record. That said, When I am coming towards the time I cannot blog anymore (a few years yet I trust), I shall be deleting my blogs... YAM xx

  3. Nice flyers, I hope you don’t get too much grief over them.

  4. Posting your flyers is your First Amendment right as a US citizen.

  5. I like your flyers and I also like the idea of the "Day-to-day" listing too.


  6. Wouldn't it have been funny if you'd have spoken up and outed yourself as a liberal? Although, I don't think I would. We tend to keep quiet among the others out of fear (at least I do).

  7. This is a good idea thank for sharing on the website.



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