Monday, June 26, 2017

Let Toss Out The Corn and Rice

I want to eat a balance meal and keep my calorie count right around 1,822 and I was under my calorie intake was 1,664
Once I stable and learn to eat a balance meal on average of 1,800 calories. There other place I need to focus on.
This morning before it got to hot I did mange to get in a short walk.

I made up my weekly plan in my bullet journal and if I pulled it out. I can see where it would benefit me and my life would be more productive.

I'm tired and weigh in tomorrow

Coffee is on


  1. Guess you had a busy day. Rest well tonight!

  2. Exercise first thing in the morning gives me more energy for the day.

  3. A productive day. Good luck at the weigh in.

  4. Hari OM
    I read previous post and see that you have had a challenging several days; but I gotta tell ya, a lot of folk were finding it so - including myself - and I put it down to the Solstice Effect! It's okay - this too shall pass... sensible planning on the diet helps. YAM xx

  5. It was a hot one yesterday. That kind of heat does make one tired.
    My handi-man was here and kept right on working outside but I had to
    to go inside twice and take a little rest.

  6. Yes, it's always best to walk in cooler weather if you can.

    All the best Jan

  7. It can be hard to stick with a calorie count. I know I have a problem not eating sweets.

  8. The tired seems to be going around.

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