Friday, March 17, 2017

Now At The Bottom

Possible I might be pushing the donation and votes. So I decided to sort of backing off. And until I get back from Oregon.
Each of my post I will have a link to yesterday post (3/16/17) at bottom right before..."Coffee is on"

Anther trip down to wal-mart with Regis. His new televison has a defect and took in and had got it exchange.
Now once I found he need and H.D.M.I cord to hook up the DVD player and for some reason we ended up with the wrong one.
But the main thing was to get some noise for him.
I doubt either one of my client could live in world of silents.
Confession time...I get tired of handle simple business things of everyday life. Like returning items to the store for my clients.

I did have mamagram. Waiting for the result.

To many cookies and pork rinds.
Breakfast...eggs, toast, and sausage
Lunch...clam chowder
Dinner...pork chop, bake potato, and salad.

Been speak of trouble with usb port, can't get any photos up. Well just tried my speaker on all of my usb plug, have four. Speaker works fine.
So I belive next time in place sell the do hicky.
Hopeful that the promblem.

Today stop in Liz and we talk about what sort of dreams we have. Usual my dream I don't know the people or places.
The other night I was standing on the side of the street and watching cars (1940's) going down a 6 lane highway with slight rolling of the hills.
In my dream I was there I wasn't scared or lost.
But I doubt they were many 6 lane highways. That 20 years before I was even born.

Link to voting and donation 3/16/2017

Coffee is on


  1. Your photo of the car brought back memories. Back then, the first superhighway was the PA Turnpike. Went with my grandparents to Harrisburg when I was a little girl and we went on the turnpike. I was excited at seeing the mountains, which would probably just look like 'hills" to a Westerner. For some reason, Grandpa always referred to his car as a "machine" He wouldn't say, "Where did I park my car?" He'd say, "Where did I park my machine?"

  2. Tired of handling the simple chores of everyday life? Me, too. But I guess we don't have options, do we? I think the trick is finding time for the things you want to do, as well as the time fir things you have to do.

  3. Hari OM
    Standing watching the traffic go by in your dreams? Tired of mundanities of life? Can't help thinking these two are connected! YAM xx

  4. Interesting. This is the third blog I've seen this week on dreams.

  5. Now that was some crazy dream!
    I dreamed of that stupid training of mine :-(

  6. It sounds like a nice dream. I would enjoy it anyway.

  7. It seems the problem is in the USB itself. Take it to your local library and see if someone there can work it out.
    I've had an occasional faulty one, but usually that shows up right away when I plug it in and want to put anything on it, straight away a window opens and tells me there is an error or simply nothing happens at all, the USB doesn't open, there are no messages on my screen, just nothing. So I throw that one away and I use a different one.
    Usually have 99% good ones and just occasionally one bad one.
    If you already have pictures on it I don't know how you can retrieve them.

  8. Interesting comment re your dreams! I frequently see people and/or places I know in mine. I guess I'm not a super imaginative person, even when I'm fast asleep! ;)

  9. I guess that's the help they need, with simple everyday stuff. Is there any way to train them so they can learn to do it themselves?


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