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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Do What You Can

First part of today post. I'm going to post what I stuck in my mouth.
Breakfast...eggs, sausage, toast.
Lunch...went to Methodist Church lunch. Some type of ham soup, salad, slice of bread, and brownie.
Dinner...Chicken, pineapples, and rice.
Naughty food...cookies and kept it under control.

Still trying to raise the funds for Daisy teeth cleaning. There is a link called "Daisy teeth cleaning" I've match ever donation and will continue.

Just can't bring my self to purchase fabric retail to make that smock apron. Which I post POST YESTERDAY
If I can find some good quality fabric less then $5.00 a yard. No way I'm paying $10 a yard. It takes a little over 3 yards. $30.00! which I won't do.
But yet haven't check the thrift stores or my tote of fabric I got at rummage sale. And then I have quite a few top sheets with no bottoms could use for the apron smock.

Been burning papers from 2016 that I don't need leak out, and cause me all sort of headache.
 I just wish the company I work for would get there tax info out quicker.
There usual the last one we receive. Made a little over $15,000 working for 2016
We have accountant do our taxes. Way to much stress for me.

Work same ole thing. Now trying to get Liz out she seem to have a ARORAPHOBIA. At one time she didn't leave her place for six months.
Then she has other troubles. Pour thing I do feel sorry for her.
She seem to be interesting in making videos and maybe a lease we can do a little filming outdoors.
Then Regis is looking for MCFARLANE MONSTERS. He has a smart phone and to me it would be easier to look for it on my lab top.

Coffee is on


  1. Top sheets make excellent yardage for utility sewing. I used to make curtains from them and play clothes for the kids when they were young. The top sheets get less wear and would be good for making your apron/smock. Yard sales are a good source, also resale shops.

  2. The school district doesn't send out the tax info until the deadline. At this point I just know this and don't bother to think taxes until February.

  3. I like the way you described your day's consumption - what I put in my mouth. ;-)

  4. I see you have a spammer above me, if you go into your posts/comments page and just go into comments, you can tick the box beside this one and mark it as spam, that way all future comments from him will go straight to your spam folder and not to your posts.

    I think using the sheets is a good way to make aprons and the sheets will be useful again.
    What are McFarlane Monsters? Is that a game app for phones? Or are they collectable figurines?


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