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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It Work Out For The Best

I couldn't even image a cover for a tail light, simple plastic would cost us $120 and that used. Sure would hate to see what one would cost new.
It had to be order the way my tail light is. Sooner of later I would get a ticket. Friday I have an appointment to have put on.
Mainly want to make sure it sealed.

Took Regis to Sandpoint to see his doctor. Not know and also thinking a plastic cover would be around $50.
But since some how Regis bank card got froze up. So we had to get back to his bank here in Bonners Ferry and see what is going on.
So no extra time to shop. After finding out the price on a tail light cover and haven't yet wrote out monthly checks for your regular living cost.

Anyhow what happen to Regis account a while back ago he had to replace with debit card. Forgot to get hold of couple of accounts and suddenly there was to much action for was monthly habits.
It only took less ten minutes to undo it.
So now his bank account is back to normal.

See I was going to pick up aqua and yellow fabric at walmart. But like I said it work out better that I didn't.
My other color I'm strongly leaning to his a coral color.

Not sure when I'll get it. Still have to figure out on our January bills. Electric is $72.12 and for my health insurance it $77.12
Then I know our water bill is $41.00 and the natural gas will be coming around the 20th of month for our heat.
And I'm trying to recall when our internet bill is due. That quarterly and that $177.00

I believe this will be my next sewing project. Not sure which one I will attempt. It been a while since I tried to do any real sewing.
But I thought it would be an easy project and see what my sewing machine can do. The only thing I've use was to hook strips of fabric together. But since I learn the Technic of splicing and slipping the two end together, a lot less sewing.
But 3 of your choice in the pattern shows you need interfacing and since I haven't sewn I believe I will skip these choices.
I will check the thrift store at the far south end of town. Last few times they had a pretty good selection of fabric.

I see the pattern retail for $10.95 When I took home economics in school one could still purchase a pattern for under $1.00
I actual got this at one of our local thrift store and got it for a quarter

Still on my mission to raise money for Daisy teeth cleaning and any up coming vet bill. There is a link to her go fund me account. Right side of my blog called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
I been matching all donation. $4.00 will bring it up to $400.

Eating and my health habits been slipping a bit. No I actual they been horrible. It seem I eat cookies out of control.

I believe the best reason to live in a small community if you need to take care of any type of business from A to Z it usual go smoothly.
Regis card was back to normal in 10 minutes and we talk to one of tellers at his bank. Super nice lady.
Then getting service done at our local hospital also goes as easy. And stores you get wonderful service.
I probably wouldn't see eye to eye on majority of people in my community on political or spiritual matters.
But I find some reason our local people are kind and friendly people and would give a helping hand out.

Editor note...Here is a LINK if you want to see the exchange rate for your currency 

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  1. It always seams like all the bills come at once Today I had to take my dog to the vet. He has an ear infection
    So after $180.00 hopefully it will get better. But he said we might need to operate!
    I won't be able to afford that so fingers crossed the antibiotics works

  2. "I probably wouldn't see eye to eye on majority of people in my community on political or spiritual matters.
    But I find some reason our local people are kind and friendly people and would give a helping hand out."

    This is a dilemma as I have found the same. Conservative voting and conservative people do wonderful things in community and are very generous with time and fund raising, and at times they are not judgemental. Perhaps that is what true Christina values are about.

    Of course, we have to remember the song, Harper Valley PTA.

  3. I envy someone who can sew. Home economics was my nightmare class in junior high.

  4. I'm with "songbird" when it comes to sewing. Home Economics was also my nightmare in high school, mostly because the teacher was a bully. She screamed at us girls and made nasty remarks about our weight, our (bitten) fingernails, our cupcakes, our attempts at making a dress. She was a horror. Even so, I like to cook. Sewing, I'm not so crazy about. I tolerate sew ing (1) when the machine behaves, and (2) when the project is SIMPLE. I mostly repair seams and do hems.

    So sorry about your taillight. If it isn't one thing, it's another. Sounds like you get a lot of satisfaction from finding fabrics and making something beautiful and useful.

  5. You're okay with $120 for a tail light . The Honda CRV is $450!

  6. Your economics sound just like ours! Adding up bills and adding up pension and trying to balance it all. Extras like tail lights get put aside here but I guess you have to obey the law there or pay out more lol

  7. I like your pattern, think I would make the one with sleeves - IF I was of a mind to sew.
    Our big heating bills come in the winter at the same time as the insurance, taxes, and annual vet.
    Car repair is nuts anymore.

  8. I really do like that apron. It would be great to throw on when I am painting. Is it a current pattern or a vintage one?

  9. Patterns for anything have gotten way expensive. But considering that there was a designer who did the work, I guess I can understand.

  10. The pattern looks easy and versatile. I don't sew much anymore, last week made two new pillowcases for someone and a small curtain for a bathroom window.
    When I get my bills for anything, gas or electric etc, I turn it over and up in the right hand corner is the date when the meter will be read next time, so I mark it on my calendar, that way I always know when the next bill is coming, usually two/three days after the meter is read. My internet is monthly and always on the same date, so don't have to worry about when.
    Quarterly bills mean every thirteen weeks, so maybe you can count ahead on your calendar and mark the thirteenth week and know a bill is coming in that week. Always good to know when a bill is due. I use the thirteen week rule to work out how much to put aside each week, divide the amount due by 13, then put that amount away each week and when the bill comes, take that envelope and pay it.


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