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Monday, October 03, 2016

Not Sure What Wrong With The Way We Think.

Since both of my client suffer from mental illness of sort. Every so often I will google something. Some time I get what I need to know. But other time I'm still as confuse.
A short time ago I look up PERSONALITY DISORDER.

Been a member of TOPS for quite sometime. Believe I join in 2008 or possible 10. That long I should of been down to my goal. But I'm not. But at one time the FEAR OF LOOSING WEIGHT has crossed my mind.
Breakfast: steel cut oats with raisin, and strawberries
Lunch: stop in at Deli. Got a burrito and 4 poppers.
Dinner: half a turkey chili burger with very little cheese. Cut up onion and peppers.
Snack like foods or not sure where to put them. But I ate them.
apple, yogurt, candy bar, and grapenuts.

Our town of Bonners Ferry finely has a variety store, SHOPKO. After I took Regis about his bill paying. We decided to stop in at our new store and take a gander.
Regis head to the toys section and got a few novelty items. I believe he bought a few things. The only the thing I recall him getting is skull mask.
Me I'm more practical or lease on this trip. Murphy need underwear so I got pkg of them, Daisy a little can of dog food, and a candy bar which I share with Regis.
He and I thought it was little pricey for what they have. pkg of 7 of men white titties $14.00.
But it convenient, don't have to drive to PONDERRAY and go into Walmart. I bet some of you read that Ponderray has the highest crime rate in area. To me it seem like a commerical area like a few big box store and other business. Not many resident. There some homes if you head toward SCHWEITZER MOUNTAIN or PEND OREILLE lake.
So I would guess the crime would have to do with theft.
I will continue shopping there simple they gave our local people employment
t. It not yet what I would consider a livable wage. It looks like the people who work there will pay $8.20 to $12.25 an hour.
Opinion time...Our community needs clean environmental manufacture type of job, and pays a livable wage for our locals. which would be $12 to $22.00 and hour.
anything below $12 or less depend on circumstance you can qualify for government assistance for needy.
Question time...What would you consider a livable wage in your area?

Murphy stain the boards for the deck. Now there ready to go on when they dry. But I understand it going to rain the next few days.
Bart call I guess he going to stop in Friday. He and his family lives in Spokane

Coffee is on


  1. Underwear - you get what you pay for. $14 is cheap for 7 pr. of men's underwear, I would bet they won't last comfortably for long. Good underwear (men's and women's) is an investment, sure they cost more, but they wear so much longer and the elastic doesn't die on them. Some 'bargains' just aren't.

    We really could use some of your rain! It's so dusty here and so not TN!

  2. Ah, shopping. Too bad they don't pay their employees well.

  3. A living wage would be a factory worker in my area. Minimum wage will not allow a person to live on their own. You would have to work two 40 shifts at that rate.

  4. I think a living wage anywhere would/should be 25 bucks an hour. I only by Fruit Of The Loom underwear, it fits well and wears well.

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    A living wage is a tricky thing because the higher minimum wage goes up the higher everything else goes. The money has to come from somewhere.

  6. 7 Pairs of underpants for $14? That's a bargain! $2 each. And they should last a while.

    It's hard to say what would be a liveable wage. People with more money spend more and still complain they don't have enough, other people with less may not have enough, but maybe they budget and manage. Maybe they get a liveable wage but can't manage because they buy cigarettes and alcohol, or maybe they have to buy lots of medications.

  7. i'm with bbc, a truly livable wage is about 25 bucks an hour. and when i'm king i'll put a credit limit of $1000 on credit cards. too many people max out credit cards for junk they don't need and end up paying 28% on $10,000. and a limit of one card per person.

  8. Hari OM
    I'm with others who think $2/pr of tighty-whities is pretty darn bargain-ful! Hope they stand up to more than ten washes.

    'Living wage' is a dream; higher wages = higher costs to producers = higher cost at outlets = never quite enough $$$. I come from a long line of budgeters and living within means - whatever those means may be. Does it mean I am unsympathetic to the plight of those with less? No - but I also see many who have no idea that the smokes, alcohol, "i"things and flights to Spain are not the government's responsibility, nor their God-given right. I do certainly feel for those who cannot put food on the table or pay for their heating. YAM xx


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