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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Can You Believe It

I don't even recall which night we listen to our first presidential debate. But when Trump make the comment that he was smart not paying any taxes. It real got to me, and it actual piss me off.
And he also said the United States have the HIGHEST RATE in the world. It looks like that Aruba, Sweden, and Denmark has the HIGHEST TAX RATE IN THE WORLD
My husband and I sure don't make anything close to what any of the Candidate do. But every quarter I send our taxes in. I real don't mine I want good roads, bridges, libraries, police, fire, safe food to eat, clean water to drink and such
Question time....How do you feel about taxes? 

In all honestly I sure wouldn't consider this a blessing. Some one could get hurt. Liz son Paul half way quite his job or got fired. He was working on the grave yard shift at Super one. Well let me mention one thing they been having quite a turn over lately.
So he went over by HAMILTON MONTANA and went in to a bar and got total inebriated and he is a real asshole when he drinking, and I mean and asshole.
I've seen him both ways sober and drunk.
Well he end up in a bar and knowing him he usual starts something. Some one was nice enough and was willing to pay for motel room and so he could sleep it off.
He didn't take it and end up ditching his car. So one of the law enforcement agency came and haul him off to lock lock up.
So Monday morning he had to go in front of the Judge and he was let go on his word. Although this could be played into a lot of things. Depending how he pleaded.
See this isn't Paul first rodeo when comes to be drunk and ending up in jail. I've heard of 4 times most in Utah. Usual what I understand he get a job last until the first pay day and gets drunk, ends up doing something stupid.
Ones he takes the first sip he drinks until he blacks out. He making the choice to start drinking.
I could tell you how many time Liz bail both of her son out of jail and it looks like she enables them.

Gee I called my mom asking once for money to pay some traffic tickets and her answer was "I didn't get those tickets"
So I had to pay the tickets went in to the clerks off and paid them. Came out and believe it or not. I had two flats on my car. Very little money left. So I got monthly bus pass, ate basically beans and rice for about a month.

My oldest son when he was still in High School ended up having his liaison suspended for I believe was 30 days. To many speeding tickets.
So he got a letter from the state of Idaho to surrender his liaison. But what got to me they never notify either one of us, his parents. This was some time around 2004
The way he found out that he was talking on the phone and one of our friends over heard the conversation. And told us he thought Sawyer was driving around. But of crouse of "Little Birdy told us" so he went down and talk to place where they issue driver liaison. And found out he had to surrender his liaison. But what also got to us at that time Sawyer was still a minor and they didn't have to notify us.
So we wouldn't let him drive our vehicle. Not having a liaison and we could of lost everything if he got into a wreak.
My sons are far from a Saint he toss a tizzy. That we thought we would pay any of the fine or the fee to get his driver liaison reinstate.
He end up selling his paint ball equipement. But neither one of my son been in jail.

Believe me I wasn't all that strict. All people needs bounds.

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  1. At times I think the tax money I pay is wasted on something but I like have a well functioning life with good services and medical care, and I want this for other people too. There are wasters in society, but I don't want them to starve to death without a roof on their head.

    That Paul is clearly an alcoholic.

    I was on my own financially after the age of 16, and responsible for any of my debts, as it should be.

  2. I think that was Monday. I heard Trump say that - almost instantly he seemed to know he shouldn't have said it.
    Some countries seem like they pay more, but they get medical and other perks with that some get child care and vacations ...

    Drinking - some people shouldn't. One of these days, that fellow is going to kill somebody or himself ...

  3. Amazing that he hid it from you that long. I bet he learned his lesson.

  4. i keep thinking your election is all a dream. how in the world can trump still be in the race with all the stupid and offensive things he does?


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