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Monday, June 20, 2016

Little Stress

Like those work days when there no stress and I don't have to medicate my self with cookies. Just had Regis. Quite a bit of trash to haul out he did go though some items.
Yesterday I posted on my Tops adventure down in Courd'Alene.
So I went over to Liz to get my paper work straighten out.
LaWalla didn't work last week.

I think she will be working for a while. So the plan goes as. Liz get 15 hours a week and she will be doing 12 of it, in 2 days.
Either first or end of the week I will pick up the 3 hours.
And do the 16 hours a week with Regis.

As I was said before Liz son Cyprus got drunk and wreaked her car. It so so drive-able. It one wouldn't want to take any distant, stay in county and not to be taken out on the highway. It needs a lineament.
So what happens, not sure if she gave him the keys or he took them. He got drunk and drove the car down to Sandpoint. 25 miles.
What I gather and see he gets him self in messes and there no punitive recourse for his behavior.
Hopefully sooner or later he will get pulled over for drunk driving and be arrest before he hurts or possible kill someone.
It would be the best thing to happen to him.
The sad thing he could be so much more.

Eating went well and even got in walk this morning.
Breakfast with cut up banana and raisin in my steel cut oats
Lunch BLT sandwich
Dinner Pork chops, green beans, pototoes.
Snack yogurt and few peanuts.

I won't be going to my Tops meeting. Taking Regis over to his speech. So I won't be weigh in tomorrow morning.
Regis is going to talk to his speech therapist and see if we could go back to the time when LaWalla was driving him, a little after 10 in morning. So I can make it to my T.O.P.S support group.

Got to tell you my mother cousin Jon had his DNA done. Jon is a short little bald head man. I stand 5'6 and I would guess if on up windy day he lucky to hit the 5'0 mark even.
I was surprise he 38% Scandinavia.
I picture a Scandinavia being blond, big and tall.
Guess I was wrong.

Coffee is on



  1. I think a lot of people are being surprised by those DNA tests. I am really tempted to spend the money on one. I'm getting more and more curious, although I know enough about my immediate ancestry going back to my grandparents and not really much further. I may be very surprised! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. I'm sure the extra money will come in handy if you don't get frazzled from the work.

    Ancestry - When I tried to do mine, it seemed like mostly Germans and Swedes. I know there has to be some other mix in there ... The course black hair and olive skin that show up, every now and then, are not typical. :-)

  3. I agree that there need to be gentler consequences like an arrest before the horrible consequences like a brutal accident occurs.

    I have such mixed feelings about steel cut oats. My weight loss coach swore they would make me less hungry, but I find a good salad does the job better for fewer calories.

  4. He's only 38%. That's not a lot. Is there any way to report Cyprus to the police? Before he hurts someone else?


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