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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Back to Back

Got back from our state awards for those who is member of TOPS, which was held in Courd'Alene.  Had a wonderful time.
People in our state of Idaho lost 1,685.5 pounds in 2015
The chapter in Blanchard lost 15.38 pounds per member.
One of our members in our local chapter was the Queen alternate, LaLita. Who lost 71.25 pounds.
They're was two ladies from our state who lost more. One lost 106.25 pounds and the other one lost 102.25 pounds.
I doubt I will make it to our next state gathering which is in POCATELLO.
We had a wonderful motivate speaker Robert Sweetgall of CREATIVE WALKING and he walk in all 50 STATES a total of 11,208 miles.
One word he use was REHABILITION which hit the spot for me.
I can manage quite few life choices. But when it comes to food I seem to use it as crutch or my security blanket.

 As you can see and I mut it some place else on my blog. a TICKER. One for my weight lost and the other one for my steps.
As for weight lost I figure if I lost three fourth to one pound a week. By the end of September I should be weigh 205 pounds.
By the end of July I want to be average 35,000 steps a week. Right now in day I average 6,000 steps.

Not saying what I eat on the weekend isn't important but it still been a little crazy. It back to work Monday morning.
Dinner 2 wiener, mac "n" cheese, pork "n" beans, and last was some corn on cob.
Ate fairly early so little later on I'll have some grapenuts. Before 7.

Just finish looking though the town BRISTOL township of Philadelphia. Trying to still located my 2nd great grandparents, John and Hannah (Ross) Shirley.
I use Ancestry dot com. I had my DNA done, and gave me a few surname at this time I can't make any connection with. Like MUSSELWHITE

As I was gone Murphy picked a couple big bowls of Strawberries. He and froze them. Gave a small bowl to my neice Quincy.
She add some more minutes to my phone.
Did a little bit weeding around the tomatoes. My niece garden is a lot father along.
Been mainly cloudy.

Coffee is on

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  1. Happy to hear you had a wonderful time at the TOPS awards event!


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