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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Got Read To

Today is first time for me to try WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY over at DRIFTING THOUGH LIFE I'm giving two set of word to choose from...I'm choosing these words...Virus, Business, Instrument, Special, Complex, and Super human.

I met my friend Quenella and she and I been friend since the early 90's. So today I met her at UNDER THE SUN for some coffee and I also had some GELATO Took in my lap top and she want to change her home page for her non profit business her peace garden. Don't know what I'm doing wrong but I seem that I can't change her page at moment. But once I get it I will leave a link. But I refuse to let it get to me and pull out my hair in frustration. Haven't had a virus for a while and sure don't need one on scalp.

All the fur friends are now sprayed for fleas. It seem our dog “Daisy” has something look like a ZIT  but I'm going to let nature run it course.
Anyhow Daisy easily traumatize. She likes a very simple routine and nothing to complex.

Notice I didn't have any ceramic ornaments cast up. Since I'm casting by hand not with my pour table. Actual it been a while since my casting table been operable. There clay dried in holding tank and not even sure the motor is running or not.
At present time I just retrieve some old dried slip and add water so it becomes moist and mix it with paint stir on a drill.
It ok for some piece but other not.
So the instrument I use is a syringe but with no needle.
Have hunch the slip I use was little thick.
Anyhow when we had shop and I use to challenge my self when I was casting. Most of time we got over 95% turn out rate.
Now if this around and I get half I'll consider my self as superhuman

 This morning got up super early so I could get out before the heat sat in. Above 90 (32). Murphy and I went and picked strawberries. I would guess we got something like 3 to 4 gallon.(3.74 to 7.57) liters.
I suggest to Murphy we make wine.
No wine kit. There plenty of strawberries in our freezer and raspberries are starting to come on.
Plus the beets. We want to do up some pickled beets and can up raspberries in pints. I per-fur can raspberries over frozen ones.

 Eating went ok and even got a walk in after the sun drifts below the SELKIRK range. Breakfast fried potatoes with no eggs. Although had ketchup with the potatoes and links.
Lunch I tried to watch or cut back since I know I was going to get some Gelato. But I had one hot dog and yogurt
Dinner your basic hamburger, corn cob, and cottage cheese.
I couldn't finish my dinner.
Maybe later on I'll have some shortcake. 

It been a while since I post any photo and I thought you might want to see some. Quite a few of them is from our family reunion just before Fathers Day.
I know the photos aren't necessary matching up to the postings.

The way Qunella and I do her pages she reads and I type. Not sure if I feel special or not. But it been a while since anyone read to me.

Coffee is on


  1. My grandmother used to can strawberries. I don't remember much about them besides they tasted like good slime. :-) I didn't know you needed a wine kit to make wine ... of course, I've never made strawberry wine.

    How did your molds turn out?

  2. Love the seamless way you included River's words.
    Mmmm gelato. I am not a big ice-cream fan but a good gelato is the exception.

  3. This is wonderful. Thank you for joining in. I like how you used the words in a real life story.
    Mmmm, strawberries and gelato.

    I hope you join in again next week when the words will be found at Elephant's Child's site.

  4. LOVE your family reunion photo!!!
    And all those strawberries...wow....jealous I am. Gimme some cool whip and fresh strawberries, and I'm VERY happy.

  5. I too enjoy the photos!

  6. I don't pick a lot of strawberries any more - but blueberry season will start in another week and I love picking them - don't have to squat, and they last for a long time (unlike strawberries) in the fridge. Good luck with all those strawberries - makes me feel tired just thinking of them. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  7. It's nice to be read to once in a while.


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