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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Two More Done

Murphy and I planted two more rolls of veggie in garden. We end up planting some green onions, spinach, parsnips, clintro, and radishes.
I end up hoeing some thing we planted earlier like radishes and lettuce. And also the roll of kale.
Did some quack grass cutting "Royal Sunshine" and the "Hodge Podge" flower beds.
But when the weekend arrives the temperature is to drop. But next two days the weather is to hold it own.
The few herbs I have is doing great.

I just all most have my secret sister package ready. Quite bit of my items I send comes from Thrift stores or yard sale.
I found this origami set of Noah Ark. Never been open and paid $1.99 for it. This time we got to pick the area we want to send our package to.
I took Nebraska because my mom is from there. The town my package is going to is HEARTWELL

It takes a bit of time to do eyes. And I could of push a little faster to get the eyes done on the mask. In sense the eyes are done from out side to the inside. Doing the white in pupil is last thing I'll do. But trying to figure out coloring for the lips, can be challenging in it self.

No chicken or pork. Usual we have either one of those two meets because there the best buys. But Murphy found a deal on a roast beef.
So he started the barbecue and did the roast on it. As he was doing that I stuck two potatoes in the microwave. Found a pint jar of pickled crab apples.
Lunch was ground beef patty and chili, yes and stab of bread.
Breakfast was 2 eggs, sausage patty, and not sure what was special done to potatoes this morning but they sure was good.
Coffee flavor yogurt.

Had the day off. I called up Regis and he sound awful and I'll see him tomorrow. But will meet Qunilla for coffee and chat at  UNDER THE SUN.
Hopeful I'll get a chance to purchase some loose leaf tea from REX THEATER TEA and get some for my secret sister
After that a food truck will be in Bonners Ferry and it will be giving away mostly food and every so often other useful items.
The food truck help quite a few people in our community. I won't be getting one for Regis simple because it would go to waste. He usual eat sweets and the odds are high I would just end up hauling it to the dumpsters.
But since shopping is one thing I do for Liz. I'll get her a box her diet is a lot wider in taste.

                                                                                 Coffee is on


  1. Looks like it won't be long and the mask will be finished.
    I love beef roast and the leftovers :-)
    Good deal on the origami kit, anyone should be happy with that.

  2. I hope to get my bed ready and planted tomorrow - the rain has been impeding me (well that and my laziness!)!

  3. It is so wet here that my plants are falling over. I couldn't paint something like that, my fingers get shaky. That bottom picture looks like a dick.

  4. You sound busy. That Noah's Ark thing is great. I never knew such a thing existed.


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