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Saturday, April 02, 2016

None Of Us Has The Question

    I couldn't recall for life of me. What I photo I taken in last few days. It been a little hectic. Both of my clients had 11 1/2 hours. 4 for Regis and 7 1/2 for Liz.
Trying to explain something that has no rhyme or reason behind it.
But it depends how month starts out and ends. It how many hours at the end of the month one will get.
So a lot time the clients will be short or we will be short in our pay checks.
In general the medicaid bureaucrats. For some unknown reason the first always start on Sunday or Monday.
They also think the last of the month it falls on a Friday or Saturday.
Regis get 16 hours a week or 69 hours for the month.
How this month starts and ends. Last week of this month he will have 9 hours of care. And if I put in the last 7 hours to make sure he has his total time. I won't get paid, so why do it.
Its not right to cheat him out of his hours. But it's not right to cheat me out of my pay either.

Murphy and I been replacing the fence post in the garden. Murphy dug up what was left of the carrots and parsnips.
 The flower bed below our front window is getting quite a few blooms.
Some daffodils, Easter Hyacinths, and one little squills.

March been a strange month or some what difficult month. Just odd things happening. Like I said odd things happen, no one getting in accident. But making life like extra ten pounds being hauled up a hill. But you still have a good solid pair of shoes on.
I don't or lease I don't push very hard for answer on life question.
Well I figure a PRANKSTER God/dess has having a little fun. But in do time it was time for it to leave.
Did a small ritual and let it float way in the wind. The did a small ritual and blessing to ask if there any friendly spirits that need a break in my home.

Not much blooming at the heal garden. But could someone tell me what sort of flowers this one is.

       Coffee is on    


  1. Dearest Dora,
    Thanks for your visit and invitation for coffee.
    Are you Dutch by birth?
    Have a happy Sunday!

  2. Mariette..No my maiden name isn't Dutch (Witherell) but I have dutch ancestors who are.
    Coffee is on

  3. Hopefully April is a better month than March! I loved the flower too tho I'm not sure what it is.

  4. Here's to April bringing all things positive and lovely into your lit'l corner of the world up there. I don't know what that flower is but I know my sister has them growing wild up at her place too. Beautiful none-the-less. :)


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