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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bang Bang.

Idaho legislation season got over. Not sure if this made nation news or not. Idaho became a state as of July 1st one can openly carry a fire arm.
 For someone who lives in Idaho, with progressive ideal I'm not sure how I honestly feel about.

I have more question then answer at this time. I wasn't sure if I was more FEARFUL  and or INTIMIDATE about this new law here in Idaho.
When the 1st of July comes around you can carry a firearm on you. Sure certain people won't be able to get them but we all know, things fall though the cracks of life.
Murphy and I thought of not supporting a store that a allowed guns in the store. But I don't see any store doing this simple because most people here wouldn't shop at a store that posted “No guns allowed”
So in that case we would have to drive to Montana or Washington shop. Both states have no sale tax on food.
But we decided if either one of us got shot. We would hold the store liable for any medical or un do stress.
For letting guns in the store.
But I real don't expect to be shot.
So I will leave two links about our new gun laws, LINK ONE and LINK TWO

This month is coming to end. I try to share my blog with three social medias. To many of them out there.
Not sound self center but I blog for my self. In hope I don't come across as Dubov. So in April I'll try to connect my blog up with BLOGGER CORNERWE BLOG those are connect with my facebook. groups. 
Then also on my TWITTER account.

Still working on cleaning the place on the bench. Well a red fire was up rooted and fell across the road. So Murphy and I cut it up. Got one fence post, 11 foot. Then a few piece of fire wood.
Haul some brush to the dump.
One thing I want to is take a photo of Murphy grandfather old farm equipment. But my card once again stop working. His grandparents came year before my grandparents did.
His came in 1936 and mine 1937. Both from Nebraska
I would like to keep the old farm equipment in family. Bart has an interest in it.

 Not sure exactly how many of our garden fence post needs re-placing. I put in one the other day.

 Even had a chance to work on some craft items. Got a ball of brown cotton fabric cut in 2 inch strips and rolled.
I threaded my sewing machine with brown. Figure it would be simpler if I got one basic color ready at a time.
Finished up hunter smile and still need to high lighted. So it looks more life like.

Seeing more flowers.

Coffee is on


  1. Washington is an open carry state but you seldom see anyone packing a gun, folks just want the right to.

  2. BBC. There a small few here that packs an open weapon. I'm hoping they follow the Washington.

  3. I'm not sure how I would feel about it either. Guns do actually kinda scare me. Hopefully you won't see many carrying them!

  4. I wouldn't be worried about open carry being a law. The ones who shoot people are generally toting no matter what the law.
    I was beginning to wonder when you were going to start on that rug.
    The little hunter looks good!

  5. I hope all doesn't fall into madness starting July 1st but I won't how loud the Fourth of July will be.


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