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Saturday, April 23, 2016

I Call Tails

On the situation with LIZ  and her shop lifting. I'm going to call the clinic where her therapist is and let them know what she doing.
As in home care giver I've seen plenty of illegal activity. But we're swore to confidentiality. Hush is the word.
Statement time...I can't afford to be unemployed. 
If I say something about this I could be fired, for breaking the confidentiality rule. Then on other hand if she caught shop lifting and I'm there I could be charge with accessory to fact or crime. Still anther reason to be fired.
So when she go shopping I do distant my self. So if I have any thing to get I usual get it, and go back and sit in car. And gives me a chance to write letters, crochet, or read.

What more scary the first of July. Idaho will become a open and carry. As I understand the law about anyone can carry a gun. Liz is planning to carry a gun. Statement time....I hope she forget about this nutty ideal of packing a piece. She shot her self once in chest with a 44 hollow point. Not just once. She mange to squeeze off three rounds.

One of my work partners and friend LaWalla has this other friend who does in home care. She was assaulted on job that actual she had to go and have surgery.
So they sent anther girl into this person who did the assaulting.
You see sometime the caregivers aren't safe, and good reason for us to have a union.

Hitting the thrift store and yard sale is usual a blast. I found this at a local yard sale here in Bonners Ferry.
The pink poke dot PJ, paid a whole fifty cent for it. It will be going down to my Grand daughter Claudia.
The bird I got at a thrift store. I believe it was just under two dollars and fifty cent.

Just finish up a group of colors on the mask. The blue left side is starting to look less unbalance, since I got some on the right side.

Pick out anther set of colors to work with. Sort of thinking of eye color. Anyone have thoughts on this.

Our snow apple tree is bloom and it smell so sweet. As for fruit today I had banana and strawberries.
Start some flower seed. Asters, Black Eye Susan, and English Daisy.
One thing I want to know the different types of DAISES.

Coffee is on  


  1. The confidentiality rules are generally the ones to protect the company you work for, not to hide criminal activities of the patients. I may be wrong, but I think you have been aiding and abetting by letting Liz loose in the store when you know what she does. Sitting in the car, knowing she could be stealing ... Enough said.

    While working as an aide, I was threatened with a knife - some idiot son gave his father his favorite penknife to 'soothe' him. Son 'didn't know' his father was violent. Not telling is not wise.

    Isn't a gun permit required to own one? I realize criminals would not bother, but ...

    The masque - I would think brown would be her eye color. Maybe a pretty cinnamon?

    Cute PJs, and I like the yard bird. Good deals!

    Your apple tree is gorgeous!

  2. I totally disagree with the whole "no permit required" to carry a gun now. I'm all for the 2nd amendment. I am but there are necessary precautions that should be put into play. Every lunatic in the state is going to be walking around with a gun now. It's scary. - Super cute pjs. :) And that bird is cool. - I would definitely have a chat with the powers that be about Liz. When your welfare is at stake, it's time. - I would say dark for the eyes to make the rest of the colors around the mask pop. :) - Happy Sunday Dora. Your tree is beautiful btw. :)

  3. you better get a bullet proof vest if good old liz starts carrying a gun.

    beautiful apple tree.

  4. Scary that home care workers can be assaulted and then they send someone back there. That's just all sorts of wrong.

  5. I would not work with someone that steals. It's nice when things start to green up.

  6. Two of my children work in direct care in residential facilities. Both have been physically attacked on a number of occasions. Fortunately, none of them have been serious, but I have heard stories about other employees at their agency who have suffered broken bones from attacks by clients. It is a difficult field and under-appreciated, for sure.

    It sounds as though Liz could be a danger to herself or others--and all the more so if she has a gun.


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