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Friday, April 22, 2016

Clear On The Other Side

Yesterday I took Regis to see about getting dentures in Courd'Alene. Which is close place to find a dentures who is covered by Medicaid.
His ex sister in law rode with us.
As he was in dentures office we drop her off at the Good Will there, a few blocks apart.

It went quickly once he got in dentures chair. The only thing they did was take a few photo inside of his mouth and sent it off, and see if medicaid will buy him a pair of denture.

The sad thing is. An oral dentist messed his lower jaw up and not sure if he can get pair of denture for his bottom.
Not sure how soon he will hear from Medicaid or not.

As I said we drop off Liz at the good will there. It bigger then the one in Sandpoint. Well Liz shop lifts. Not right out.
Wednesday we went to one local stores. She want to get a few items, and one thing she got was a flag.

She took up to the counter to pay for it. At this point thinking everything is ok. She says to clerk I couldn't fine a price how about $9.99.
The clerk look for a moment for price tag, and she said ok.
So it was rang up and she gave the clerk some cash.
Still thinking everything is fine.
As soon as we got into the car. Not saying a word. Her first thing she said to me was. "I didn't remove the price tag"
Question time....Why did she feel the need to defend her self to me.
Then we came back to Good Will and I want to look around. But I notice she had a pair of boots on and I could of swore she went down with a pair of shoes on.
But I wasn't complete sure.
Confession time...I can't stand be false accuse of something. It makes me so angry I could spit nail and do bodily warm to someone.
Well I got Regis off to the side, and said to him. I don't believe Liz rode down in those boots. So he in a bit he went over and said something.
Not sure what exactly was said. 
So I check out my stuff, and I got Regis a few little thing and bought Liz a fake tree.
Liz came out with the boots on and not sure if she paid for them or not. 
So when we got to around Sandpoint and she said. "How to you like my boots I swap out" so what she did put her shoes on self and walk out with a pair off boots, and of course not paying for them.

The little dog is Liz dog, and his name as Fugsly. So when I take her shopping which is part of her care plan.
I usual stay clear on the other side of the store, and tell her I will meet you out in car in about an hour.

  Liz is real creative and talent. She made some planters out of 2 liter bottles and as for the stick it from old brooms and mops.
I want to do a few up. But I'll have to get some spray paint.

The local Catholic church, St Anne BURN TO THE GROUND but earlier in year there been some vandalism at some other local churches.
But I have to wonder if this person who set the fire was made to go to church. I've seen plenty of angry adult that there parents made them go to church.
That one thing my parents did was give me complete religious freedom.
 Still painting on the ceramic (bisque) mask. Not sure how I feel about the blue on right. Believe it should be laid out differently. To me it looks to bunch up.

Being such a long day, and I'm not sure what I ate. But today I had a pancake and 2 slice of bacon, lunch a bowl of chili and English muffin. For mid day snack on bale of shredded wheat with raisin and banana.
Dinner lemon chicken, greens, and rice.
Last snack lemon yogurt with strawberries.
As you can see my NARCISSUS are in bloom.

Coffee is on


  1. Narcissus, I was wondering what they were - sweet.
    Liz is definitely creative - and criminal. That would have made me ready to go to jail for assault and battery.

  2. that mask is awesome

  3. sounds like liz has a little larceny in her. better count your silverware after she leaves.

  4. Liz takes quite a bit of Anti-psychotic medication. I believe she takes risperdal
    She doesn't know where I live.

  5. I don't think I'd go shopping with Liz anymore.

  6. Liz and Regis is my in home care clients, both are very mental ill.

  7. I don't think I'd ever take her shopping again.

  8. I don't think I would take her shopping again, either. I don't know what your legal responsibility would have been should she had been caught "swapping". And, I love how your mask is coming along. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  9. I don't think I'd go shopping with Liz, I could get into trouble too.
    Love the mask.

  10. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Okay, first of all, I would never go anywhere with Liz again. She didn't "swap" anything. She stole! That's being a thief NOT being thrifty. - Second, it's very kind of you to do all of that running. - Third, I can't wait to see the mask when it's done! Happy Saturday Dora. :)

  11. My grandmother was actually a kleptomaniac. She got it more or less under control as she got older but there was a time that she was banned from most stores in the greater Pittsburgh area where she lived. As others have said, you may want to use caution about being in stores with Liz.

    I love the mask and maybe the blue will not seem so bunched up to you once it has other colors around it. :)

  12. The only problem is. Part of my job description is to help her with shopping.


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