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Monday, April 11, 2016

Holding Up

I was having a little trouble figuring what to post. Murphy and I went to Spokane to see our first grand child, Claudia and she was a doll.
No this Grandma isn't bias one bit.

I have some minor worries about my shaky hands and I become concern its PARKINSON My Uncle Bob has Parkinson. But seems to do well with it quite well
Notice my Aunt Eve HANDS SHAKE just like my moms did, and there mothers did.
Mine isn't all the time but notice some of my ceramic painting isn't as good as it once was.

Work been going ok so far. My hours was down to 15.50 hours a weeks and now I'll be doing 31 hours a week.
And both Regis and Liz are nice and fair.
Not sure what exactly she going to do about her vehicle. She gets SSD of just under $1,000 and because of being SENSITIVITY  to lot of things.
Her diet alone is quite costly.
I told her even with a good and top running rig on a part time job I doubt I would drive to my place to Troy Montana. Round trip it would be over 80 miles.

It's Regis who has SCHIZOPHRENIA. For some reason in his little world he came up with ideal I was rolling in the dough.
I usual don't do this. Not giving someone the entire facts. Usual if I have all the facts and don't want to share all of them. I just keep it all under wrap.
Usual at the end of the month my check is usual smaller. Depending on how the end of the month falls.
So I took in my check stub and showed it to him. And said "I got this check which is just a hair under $50 and a $20 mileage check.
Murphy and I have to live on it for the next two weeks.
Hopeful he will stop hitting me up for items. Or coming to conclusion we're not rolling in the dough.

Weigh in at T.O,P.S in the morning and taking Liz to Courd'Alene.

Coffee is on


  1. Don't diagnose Parkinson's until a doc sees you. It's so easy to assume the worst when it might be something completely different.

    Liz A. from
    Laws of Gravity

  2. I hope Murphy is going to take some pictures of the little one.
    Shaky hands - I've had them for quite a while, I had to give up painting and hand writing is not nice anymore, but it hasn't progressed. I am not worried. If you're worried, ask your doctor ...
    People don't have to have mental problems to bug you for money. :-) Some people think we are rolling in it too, because he's an electrician. If someone asks what DH does and I say electrician, their eyes glaze over with dollar signs, BUT they never take into account that he's laid off most of the time and his boss lowered the pay for working out of town where the jobs are. He's laid off again after working 4 days ...
    Good luck with TOPS! I should do something, afraid to even look at the scale!

  3. I'd love to see your little grandbaby - ours is due in less than two weeks and I can't wait - thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi :) Leanne @ cresting the hill

  4. Can't wait to see pics of your grand-Princess. :) I hope whoever we get as our next President actually does something about this lousy economy. Seems like everyone is in a tight spot right now with no hope on the horizon. Even those with college degrees are finding it difficult to find a job that they spent years preparing for.


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