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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Changing Colors

Couldn't tell you how many animals change colors. I decided to get out anther set of colors for the mask I been working on.
Not sure where all these colors will go. But I'll have fun mixing different combos.

Start to plant the first three rolls in garden, right in front of our raspberries. the first roll consist of lettuce and radishes.
second roll is colorful carrots, and the third toll is Kale.
Did a little more weeding and grass cutting in my royal sunshine flowerbed. Was starting to wonder if only one of my lillies was coming up.
Once the grass is cut back and light can get down to soil. I believe things such be happening.

Murphy and I got the deck back on the mower. Now we're getting to mow lawn.

Coffee is on


  1. We are the animals who change colors the most easily. Enjoy the changes!
    Good luck on this year's garden.

  2. Changing colors is fun. Nice to brighten things up a bit.

  3. Three of my four tomato plant seeds sprouted.


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