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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Up and Down

Prices goes up and down. Not long ago I know gas was falling, and today I notice gas was starting to creep back up.
So when I was in Courd'Alene I fill my car up. A tank of supreme ran me about $28 
Last time we had our so called bonus checks handed to us. Some one brought up the subject of pay raises. Fact time....We haven't seen a raise of any sort in three years.
The management said Medicaid haven't let loose for any in home care. Suggested we write letters to our Idaho State Representative. We all figure it would be waste of time.
This state doesn't give a shit about it poor people. It wouldn't pass a MEDICAL FOR THE POOR. or help the WORKING CLASS
Social security get a raise base on inflation why not working wages. But instead of having a minimum wage, how about exploitation laws.
Anyhow Carrie and Hershal is going to Oregon because that state has better benefits for the low income.

Took Carrie to her doctor appointment in Post Falls. It sure change over there.
Still have more healing to do.

On the way home I decided to drive down seltice way or ages it was the old high way and things sure have change.
Or I thought it had.
Drove pass and old cemetery, which is called Kootenai County Cemetery. But also known as PAUPERS or POTTER CEMETERY   
Going down Seltice Way I want to stop in at CERAMIC GALORE to see what they have.
We didn't stop my breaks are making noise. It doesn't sound like metal against metal yet.
But Murphy going to use my car tomorrow and I'll use the pick up. To see what's going on.

Coffee is on  


  1. Those that could change the wages, don't, because more has to be charged for products/services, "They' would hire less employees to cover overhead costs, so somebody else wouldn't be working. I guess that's how it goes. Viscous cycle ...

  2. Very unlikely your rig needs supreme. I'm not expecting a raise next year either.


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