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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Still Moving A Long

Haven't yet tossed in towel of loosing weight. I thought I had it complete under control was I wrong. I had a nice dinner and kept my portion in checked.
Then it came six thirty in evening. I became bored and weak.
Pop some pop corn. I know that isn't bad. My topping was bad. Butter and honey.
Weigh in at our local weight lost group. I was up three quarter of pound.

Mange to get a walk in on the North-side. I was wondering if one time this might of been a foundation to a building at one time.

Still wait to see how many hours there going to increase Carrie. Her husband think they go up 6 or 8 hours.
I know better, to even guess.
I know they won't back dated to the date she had operation on her hip.
Idaho isn't work friendly.

Got the small room done and ready to haul the sewing machine stand up. Decided I need some type of over head light.
But I don't want to spend over $30 and that would be on the high side.
Well my next cleaning and sorting area. I'm leaning toward the under neath the stairs. There should be quite a bit of trash. And I'm taking 10% or more to the thrift store. Then I'll figure out what I want to keep or yard sale.
Since it hasn't been done for ages.

Not much of wal mart shopper. Everyone is political or spiritual in some form. The reason I don't shop at Wal Mart is mainly political.
Statement time...Walmart exploited there workers.
But I was looking at some paisley print and I would need 10 yards of fabric. I was going to order though FABRIC.
Not saying I wouldn't order at latter date.
But with red being so much higher. I figure still going to Walmart I would save around 30%. Like I say I don't mind paying a few extra dollars or 15% more to support a mom and pop shop.
Plus I'm justifying it will be put on the floor.

Coffee is on  


  1. Don't give up yet! Muscle weighs more than fat! Keep up the good work on your walking and hide the butter and honey. :-)

    It looks like those ruins of the old place were in a very nice spot. Makes you wonder where the house went.

  2. Thanks for the pictures.

    "Females tend to convert more food into fat, while males convert more into muscle and expendable circulating energy reserves."

    Want flavor without calories? Try some drink enhancer, two squirts of it in a big glass of water makes it pretty tasty.

  3. I notice walking in different area in my community. I discovery new things.

    I never thought of enhancers. Might sound strange I don't like ice water but I like hot water.

  4. It is hard to exercise outside in cold weather ... Or when it's too hot ... Or when it's raining ... Or ... (lol). it is just hard! Hang in there. You are doing well to get out at all seriously.


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