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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sleep Off

Not sure why I had trouble falling a sleep last night. Carrie and I went to the Casino and played a little bit.
She made a $100 and I made $25.00. She started with $20 and I started with $5. I don't play the slots all that much.
I know there set up for the house to win.

But I checked my e mail and got a notice from our accountant that we have to pay in. About $2.300 which was a total shock.
I was thinking some where between $100 and $500 possible.
But I was taken back a bit.
I have to pay self employment tax on my job it sit up as a corporation and I bought in. I get a subsidize s for my health insurance which was over paid. And I didn't pay quarterly.
Murphy and I made about $28,000.
His social security yearly income was$8,840, my job I made $15,500, and Murphy took $4,000 out of his IRA, and I got $2,000 to much on insurance subsidize.
So now I'm wondering what the perfect income would be.
Actual I don't mind paying taxes but when people makes a lot more then me and pays a small percentage of income for taxes.
I wonder what Candidate Trump pays.

Today was the first day I went to Liz place. Her and I took went to the local thrift stores. As she was looking around the 2nd chance thrift store. I went and deposited my check and put my winnings on the credit card.
Hopeful by tomorrow I can show you what I got at the thrift stores.

Murphy trim up the raspberries and haul them up to the dump. First thing done in Garden. The other day I saw a robin, and a large heard of elk.

Coffee is on



  1. I never came out ahead, so you did good, girl!
    I'm sure Trump did not pay the same percentage as you or we will.
    DH didn't get to trim anything in our yard, his hours at work have him dragging.

  2. Maybe you need to get someone else to do your taxes?

  3. those raspberry bushes look great!


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