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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Today I've Seen Some Head Way

Went though more items in the small bedroom. Add things to the yard sale and keep pile. Plus got more Christmas items put away.
Found a box to put it in. I still need to get a tote for one. But that on the back burner for a while. Need to get a few bills paid off, Murphy hospital and the credit card.
None really all that bad.
Still need to put the rotating candle thing up.

Even clean out the drawer were we keep the dish cloth and towels. Got them all wash up. Few of them end up in the rag bag. The ones I don't care for, I'll give to Regis when I go to work tomorrow.
Found a key to our pick up and sort out things.
Still would like to find a better way of storing my writing items. Pens and pencils.

No candy but and extra piece of pizza. I usual have 2 slice, and eat the rest for Breakfast.
Lunch was again was open face chili burger.
Breakfast was potatoes, sausage, and cheese. Oh I forgot slice of toast.
A little later on I will share some hazelnuts and plain pop corn with my husband.

I'm posting this a little earlier. I want to watch the democrat debates. I want to hear Bernie Ideal on his ONE PAYER SYSTEM
At this time I just pay under $85 a month for my ACA (Affordable Care Act) not complaining. But some other tax payer is making up my subsidize of just around of $380
My co pay is $40 I believe, and deducible is $5,000.
I've never came close of having a medical bill like that.
So in nut shell if I had to pay any large medical bills. We would have no other choice and file bankruptcy.
I believe I would rather pay into a one payer system.

Hubby calling.

Coffee is on


  1. Yes, even though we have the ability to get insurance with ACA/Obamacare, I would love to have what Bernie is proposing.

    I have a huge bag of stuff to drop off at Goodwill - still have to get my husband to go through all this tee-shirts and jeans, though.

    Have a good week,Dora!

  2. That's some deductible, I'm not sure what ours is now. It was 2k@ but they have increased it. Our private insurance is just a tad under $1k a month for both of us - whether he works or not ...

    I need to clean under my bed, hopefully will find all the new offspring of the dust bunnies.

  3. I remember those rotating candle things. Today I had one cookie and an egg salad sandwich.

  4. i bought a roasted chicken marked down 50% because it was a day old. it'll feed me and rip for a few days and no cooking or cleaning involved.

    our free health care costs me $70/month and there are lots of user fees. then i pay $120/month for 80% dental and prescription coverage.


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