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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Lets Talk Who Poo The Most

   I thought it would be a lot easier for do his clean out for his colonoscopy. I was at work.
A split day.
Carrie had her doctors appointment at 8 in morning.
I just love when doctors run horrible late, like you have nothing better to do, and set around. Well her and I was in there for over an hour.
She thought the hell with it, got up and left. I couldn't agree more.
Carrie also had an appointment in the afternoon with the pain doctor a fellow up.

But before that I took Regis around town. he paid some of his bills. He loves thrift stores. Well he lives in low income apartment for senior and disabled.
The senior apartment goes though a lot of employees.
Verna the manger sure has her Aura sat at "Gloomy" I don't know if one can set their aura and it effects them around.
Well what I want to say. They have a new book keeper. Well I believe it Regis care giver before me, Issac.
I believe it him. I took a few minute at one time and looked him up on facebook.
He is a Minister, and more I hear about him and not from Regis. I sure glad I stay hell of away from Christians.
I will only bring up two things about him. He has a negative attitude toward smart strong woman. Also talks in tongues.

After Carrie pain clinic we went to a new thrift and the dollar store. Since I real want to talk about the clean out.

Murphy thought he would poop more then he did. I had one time a couple of months ago. Looks like the clean out was a success.
The last part is you drink gator aide and Mir lax for the final flushing.
But what I feel sorry is. That his colonoscopy is so late in afternoon.

Eating for me was little different. Had a bowl of potato cheese soup. Didn't want to eat at home since Murphy is on a liquid diet.
I know I didn't want to smell food cooking.
I'll talk now about my naughty foods. Actual I kept it well under control. two cookies and a 16 oz peppermint mocha latte out of starbucks.
Lunch the four items, celery stuff with cream cheese, non dairy. Not sure what it is made of but I real like the texture. Yogurt, banana, and walnuts.
Breakfast sherdded wheat, anther word "hay bales" with raisin.
Last thing I had was a little bit of jello.

At this point I believe I crap more then husband. Right before I had my colonoscopy I had lost about 7 or 8 pounds.


  1. Hope the test results come out well.

  2. 3 days before i only had a few soft boiled eggs, 2 days before i only had meal replacement shakes, 1 day before it was the clear liquids. i was clean as a whistle for the procedure.

    a few more years and it'll be time to do it all over again.

    ain't life grand.

  3. I don't think a colonoscopy has anything to do with how much you poop.


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