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Sunday, December 20, 2015

I Knew I Put It Some Place

I tend to clutter, when it comes to paper. I toss everything in on the kitchen table, including bills. I even have a nice filing system. That if I use I wouldn't as likely loose items.
I was going to be wise and put my check register  in a safe place and remember that safe place. Guess I couldn't recall that safe place. So I ended looking high and low for it.
But I did get my paper clutter pretty much under control.
After all that work I still didn't find my check register.
As I was about ready to get a new one out, and there was my current check register. Went to my on line banking and got it caught up.

 Today I was hoping that Murphy and I could of went over to the BIG HORN LODGE in Montana by Noxon.
My son Bart went over there with his in law.
But the roads change our minds. It been snowing most of the day.
Well Murphy and I went over to his Sister Faith to see if she would have any trouble with me inviting Molly parents.
Bart called and I felt so jumbled how to invite someone to someone else place.
A little later in the day when Murphy and I was back home, Faith called and wonder how to get hold of Molly parents.
So she called them and offered a person invite.
She had her youngest Grandson Gil, Quincy youngest. They were going to decorated Christmas Cookies today.

Some time my Aunt Eve either cracks me up or irradiates me to no end. She called and I was at work want some addresses. Had to talk to Murphy.
Nothing there to crack me up or irradiate me.
Well she explain to Murphy she had an Christian Christmas tree in her yard. I never known the CHRISTMAS TREE was an Christian symbol.  But she had her tree all lighted up to irradiate those damn Muslims.
Number one I'm fairly sure no dam Muslims are living in our area. If they are there complete under ground and wouldn't see her tree.
And if those Muslims is Americanize as the next "Yankee Doodle" they'll put a tree and trim it. Believe me I seen "Jews" put a tree.

 As Murphy and I was driving to our winter celebration out in Paradise Valley. I would point at any house with a Santa or Snowman and say "Devil Worshipers" and explain to Murphy anyone who didn't have an nativity and thought anyone who didn't believe the complete story of the birth of Christ was doomed for all eternity. More later on my thoughts on eternity.
Well Murphy and I got there. And we visited a short time. Had a potluck meat. One lady brought some Chili and add bacon which was real good. we brought a Waldorf salad.
Liz explain the meaning of YULE and that soon the HOLLY AND OAK KING will be coming about.
The days will slow start to getting longer, but won't see much in the morning hours. It complete dark by 4 in the afternoon.
So after we ate the "Yule log" was set up. So all of us could write our well wishes and hopes for the up coming year, 2016.
Place it on the fire and we start our drumming.
The spirits was happy. As we was drumming no wind and the wind chimes was clanking together very lightly.
I just knew the "holiday spirit" was happy with our group.
So Liz little Grandson Sawyer was getting tired so we called it an evening.

Coffee is on


  1. I've done the very same...put something...ANYTHING in a place I won't forget...and forget!!!

    Lovely snowmen images.

  2. We had a nice Yule, but chose to do it at home this year due to my surgery. However, I have to say staying home and enjoying the peace and quiet was very spiritual as well. Happy Yule!


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